MSI Presents PRO DP130 11th Business & Productivity PC

MSI Presents PRO DP130 11th Business & Productivity PC

MSI has announced the PRO DP130 11th Business & Productivity PC. Featuring a powerful processor, MSI external graphics card, exclusive software, and various IO ports, the PRO DP130 11th is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind.

Develop a Strong Foundation with Stylish Design

The MSI PRO DP130 Series was inspired by natural bamboo's perseverance, transformation & refinement. A bamboo tree lies dormant for four years only to grow exponentially in the fifth. The little plant was growing underground, developing a root system strong enough to support its potential outward growth in the fifth year and beyond. It sustained its life by growing slowly at the start to develop a strong foundation, then it will grow a hundred feet tall. This is the MSI PRO DP130 Series.

Always there when needed

Need a powerful device to analyze your latest business data? Or need to give a presentation to your customer or attend an online meeting with your co-worker? The situations we face while working can be supported by the PRO DP130. With 13 liter chassis and featuring up to Intel I7-11700 CPU, DDR4 3200MHz 64GB memory, and the latest WiFi 6E technology, it can help improve users’ work efficiency and productivity. Featuring VGA, HDMI, and DP Port, the PRO DP130 can support up to three displays. Besides integrated Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics, PRO DP130 is equipped with an MSI Nvidia Geforce Graphics card that enables users to demo their product with video-wall, to provide gaming amusement, and to become a powerful home theater PC. Its compact size and sufficient features fully meet the needs of various scenarios.

Be more productive with flexible tools

To provide a better user experience, MSI's exclusive software MSI Center is what you need. Users can customize their own MSI Center by setting up the features based on their needs to avoid unnecessary workload for the system. The features include Smart Priority that allows users to arrange their work and enjoy Sound Tune, which can eliminate background noises during online meetings. Additionally, to support your business, the PRO DP130 features FW TPM so that you can enjoy a safer environment for your business information and not worry about information security problems. Now, let’s be productive and organized with the PRO DP130.


MSI has introduced three new PRO MP271 series monitors. The series is aimed mostly towards professionals, as the name implies, but they will also be suitable for home use. The PRO MP27P, in particular, is TÜV Rheinland certified, which means that this monitor is perfectly suited for people who spend a lot of time each day staring at a computer screen.

Perfectly Suited for Professional Applications

The PRO MP271P is very stylish not only because of its pivot stand. The slim vertical bezels on all sides make them suitable for use in a multi-monitor setup, and the ability to rotate the monitor by 90° also comes in very useful. 

MSI Anti Flicker Technology and Low Blue Light

MSI Anti-Flicker technology provides a stable output current for the monitor. It protects your eyes and aid in the treatment of dry eyes and eyestrain.  

MSI Anti Glare IPS Display

The MSI PRO MP271P boasts an anti-glare IPS display with a wide 178-degree viewing angle. This means that you always have the most comfortable color-accurate view.  The anti-glare display is designed to cut down the amount of light that reflects off the display. An anti-glare display makes viewing the display more pleasant for users and reduces eyestrain. 


MSI is going to let one tester check out the recommended Windows 11 experience on the latest PRO DP130 and the PRO MP271P. All you have to do is fill out the form at between Dec 20th to Dec 31st and you are automatically entered into the list of prospected testers. If you are the one randomly chosen, you shall be contacted by MSI regarding the same. You will be able to check out the products for 20 days and then share your reviews and opinions on your social handles. After the 20 days are over you shall be reached out to by MSI, at that point you can go ahead and purchase the combo with a whooping 30 percent discount on MRP or you can opt-out and MSI shall create a pickup for you.

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