Fox My Box Partners with iFuture to Launch Coloured Options of Apple AirTags & AirPods

Fox My Box Partners with iFuture to Launch Coloured Options of Apple AirTags & AirPods

Fox My Box has joined hands with iFuture for launching their coloured options of the Apple AirTags & AirPods during this festive season. The Apple AirTags & Apple AirPods Pro will be available in over 25 different colours and will be priced at INR 3,390/- & INR 23,500/- respectively. Both the gadgets will be available for purchase on starting this week.  

Fox My Box is building a platform to add more value to the existing consumer electronics. Establishing the ground for mass customisation in India, the brand started providing their services in 2014 with an aim to be at the forefront of the upcoming trend of providing aftermarket customisation on electronic gadgets. They have established their expertise in bringing customization to 13 different categories in consumer electronics, like gaming consoles and other gaming accessories, microphones, hair dryers, air purifiers, and more. Fox My Box has also collaborated with Sennheiser, Shure, Gigabyte in the past and joined their efforts to bring custom coloured gadgets to their consumers and are also in talks with Logitech and more international and homegrown brands.

Speaking on the partnership, Ankush Khera, Founder of Fox My Box said, “It was just a matter of time that the consumers and brands will get influenced by the international trend of personalizing everything. With Fox My Box, our aim is to provide a market place where individuals can buy gadgets in colours of their choice. And because of how revolutionary the concept is, we have also equipped ourselves to provide the backend, the production support to any business or brand who are future oriented to provide personalized options to their consumers on our aftermarket customization platform”.

Adding to this, Priyank Juneja, Director, ifuture said, “I knew about Fox My Box for sometime but never got the chance to understand the scope of it. The day we spoke for the first time, I was convinced that they can change the way consumers buy in the future and I had to support the cause.”

By providing the production support to brands, Fox My Box anticipates that brands will be able to save crores of infrastructure cost the businesses will have to incur to adapt to the “consumer oriented” market. It is evident that the consumers are demanding more and more choice and are ready to pay a premium to have anything personalized. And the consumer electronics industry is not far behind.

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