“WFH & LFH Is Going To Stay For Long”

“WFH & LFH Is Going To Stay For Long”

During the last few years, the Indian mini PC market has recorded quite good growth and the market players who are bringing such cost-effective devices are getting enough opportunities to grow. But the recent couple of months have been very tough for the market and the stakeholders. ECS is one of the prominent market players in the mini PC segment and offering a good range of devices. While talking to DT, Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager India, ECS discussed the growth opportunities, market landscape and channel plans.

Business Affected in Q1 

Talking about the challenges on business front during pandemic, Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager India, ECS said, “Yes Q1 was tough and bad as we lost few friends and few key people from ICT partners, frankly speaking this is a big loss for all of us. Whereas on the same time business for us was good especially since we were working on projects with SIs, coupled with global shortage of ICT components fueling the demand but thankfully we planned in advance hence we didn’t face much of supply issues.” 

Emerging Opportunities 

According to Rajshekhar Bhatt, ECS, “WFH & LFH is going to stay for long, plus few years back people were not appreciating PC industry and moving to handheld devices. But now the same set of people now prefer a larger display monitor against handheld devices. We know that now PC has become integral part of every individual. What I mean is before every individual had one handheld device now they also need one Computing device too.” 

Service Commitment 

Rajshekhar Bhatt said, “We offer whatever telephonic support what we can offer, we do that but if device needs repair then need to be brought to service center. Once it’s reaches to our support center, we assure to resolve the issue at the earliest.” 

Support for Partners 

“We always stood with our partners and has extended all support for the business continuity. And most important, we make a point to check for wellbeing of all partners and stay in touch with them over phone. On the engagement part, we keep them busy as we do product training on case to case basis for them to prepare for biz boom post COVID-19 settles, once vaccination and herd immunity achieved,” concluded by Rajshekhar Bhatt.

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