AMD Named as Most Desired Semiconductor Brand in India

AMD Named as Most Desired Semiconductor Brand in India

TRA Research companies released its 7th edition of 'Brand Desired Report 2021'. AMD has been recognized as the Most Desired Brand of India under the Semiconductor Category in this annual brand study. 

“AMD has built strong market momentum in India and continues to demonstrate robust growth in the region across our client, graphics and server businesses. AMD’s vision of transforming lives with high performance computing resonates even more now, as the PC is changing how we learn, work, play and connect”, says Mukesh Bajpai, India Marketing Head, AMD. “We are delighted that AMD is recognized as ‘India’s Most Desired Brand” in the Semiconductors category by TRA.  This is a great testament of the ecosystem we have built through our relationships with OEMs, channel partners, retailers and end consumers. Looking ahead, we remain focused on amplifying and bringing AMD deeper into the region with our go-to-market strategies for gaming, consumer and business markets.”   

“For AMD to become India’s Most Desired Semiconductor brand and to make an entry among the top 100 at All-India rank 62 in this consumer-influencer study is extremely significant. With work-from-home and remote learning becoming the norm, PCs and laptops have become indispensable. Realizing the strides that AMD has made with their latest generation of CPUs and graphic cards, more and more consumers are now seeking AMD hardware inside their electronic devices. The end-consumer is extremely aware today and seeks only the best in whatever they choose to buy”, says N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research.  

This award has been conferred upon AMD as a result of primary research based on the proprietary 12 attributes of their brand desire matrix that have been studied and identified by TRA Research. This year’s research was conducted among 2000 consumer-influencers across 16 cities with 16,000 hours of field work. The study generated nearly 2.5 million data points and 3000 unique brand mentions, out of which the top 1000 brands have been listed in this year’s report. TRA’s Brand Desire matrix is a widely accepted brand model and it helps reorient the brand strategy with a completely consumer centric approach. TRA’s Brand Desired Report data provides invaluable insights to leading Indian and global organizations in form of customized report known as ‘Buying Propensity Report’, allowing them to make themselves more competitive and relevant in these fast-changing times. 

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