Astro-Vision Releases iOS Version of ‘LifeSign ME Standard’ App

Astro-Vision Releases iOS Version of ‘LifeSign ME Standard’ App

Astro-Vision has launched the iOS version of the ‘LifeSign ME Standard’ app, a professional mobile app for horoscopes with remedies.

The LifeSign ME Standard app is efficient and unique. It enables the generation of horoscopes and their analysis on your mobile phones by blending modern technology with the ancient wisdom of astrology.  Experts/pundits as well as students of astrology can use this iOS application to generate complete horoscope reports on their mobile phones and offer consultations from anywhere in the world.  The app has an easy to use interface which generates quick results, perfectly suitable for people on the go.

Arjun Ravindran, Managing Director, Astro-Vision says, “Our idea is to make astrology accessible for everyone. ‘LifeSign ME’ app is for those who are interested in developing deeper knowledge in the field of astrology and would like to take it up professionally. So far, the app has been received well by the users, and we will keep the momentum with timely updates and enhancements.” 

The app provides various features like Paryanthar dasa, Kuja dosha check and remedies, Ashtakavarga,  yogas,  Panchang prediction, transit predictions, birth star features and remedies, doshas and remedies,  favourable periods,  variety of charts, Shodashvarga, Sayana and Nirayana longitude of planets,  planetary analysis, Vargottama and Varga bheda,  Jaimini system, Ayanamsa options.

Launched on January 12, the app has a rating of 4.3 in the app store. It provides reports in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Oriya, and has the North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Sri Lankan chart formats.

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