Paytm All-in-One Payment Gateway Offering Zero Fees on UPI Payments to Merchants

Paytm All-in-One Payment Gateway Offering Zero Fees on UPI Payments to Merchants

Paytm All-In-One PG announced that it has continued to offer UPI and Rupay card payments services to merchants at Zero fees. The platform follows all guidelines set by the authorities and is not levying any hidden transaction charges or fees on merchants. This has helped in encouraging more merchant partners and customers to adopt digital transactions. No additional charges on UPI transactions also ensure that businesses have adequate liquidity for their expansion plans.

Paytm UPI empowers businesses with interoperability to make payments via UPI ID, UPI Apps, and UPI Linked Bank Accounts. Customers also have the choice to pay via the UPI app or bank accounts linked to Paytm UPI on the merchant payments page. The innovative UPI feature from Paytm not only simplifies online payments for retail shops, service providers, or any other business but also enables merchants to authenticate and accept payments instantly. Also, it empowers the merchants to provide a better payment experience to users while making UPI payments. Paytm’s UPI solutions work well on different platforms including Android, iOS, mobile web, and the web.

Paytm All-in-One Payment Gateway can be easily integrated into any website or mobile application that sells a product or service as well as a point of sale in a retail store.  Home-based businesses that may not have a website or app, can use the same functionality on Paytm Payment Links that enable instant payments to customers, employees & vendors, without collecting their bank details. By integrating the services a merchant can start accepting online payments and expanding the digital reach of their business. It ensures quick integration of the payment solutions, eliminates redirection, and enhances brand visibility with a custom user interface and logo. The service is based on anti-fraud technology to ensure secure payments. It also offers several innovative services, such as Payouts & Recurring payments, OTP less card payments, instant refunds, and pre-authorization flow that addresses the needs of both B2B and B2C companies.

Paytm spokesperson said, "We believe that the decision of designating RuPay debit cards and the UPI as prescribed electronic modes of payments, against which banks and service providers cannot impose any charges will help in more adoption of digital payments. We will continue to follow all guidelines set by the authorities and help in the growth of online transactions. With Paytm Payment Gateway, we are empowering businesses to easily able to digitise their business operations, without any investment in technology or backend infrastructure. Our services are providing the much-needed digitization support to businesses to improve their efficiency & supporting them to join the Digital India mission."

Box: Most diverse UPI offerings 
UPI Intent: Enables the users to pay using any UPI app available on his/her device and helps deliver a seamless user experience with automatic switching between the merchant app to the user-selected UPI app.

UPI InApp: In this, the user’s bank accounts linked to Paytm UPI are visible on the merchant app. Customers can select any bank account from their UPI linked bank accounts and pay directly without switching to UPI Apps. Also, merchants get access to over 100 million UPI linked bank accounts of Paytm users.

UPI Collect: It allows merchants to accept payments from customers using UPI without any separate integration. This payment mode is available with all Paytm solution offerings.

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