RAH Infotech Signs Distribution Agreement with Cellebrite for Digital Intelligence Solutions 

RAH Infotech Signs Distribution Agreement with Cellebrite for Digital Intelligence Solutions 

RAH Infotech announced that it has entered an agreement with Cellebrite, the global leader of Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, to sell their solutions to Indian customers including law enforcement agencies and enterprises.

“This partnership could not have come at a better time. The pandemic has accelerated digitally mediated crimes, which means that agencies are tackling exponentially growing volumes of digital data that must be managed and analyzed in order to lawfully solve and prosecute crimes,” said Ashok Kumar, Managing Director, RAH Infotech. “Agencies need to have the right technology in place to create actionable insights and accelerate their investigations. This agreement with Cellebrite will allow us to support agencies with advanced Digital Intelligence technology that can help them address these critical issues and identify evidence hidden in our digital world.” 

As a national distributor, RAH Infotech will sell and distribute Cellebrite’s integrated suite of Digital Intelligence solutions to help agencies create a complete and actionable picture of evidence. This includes tools that can be used to analyze and preserve data from mobile phones, computers, and the cloud during lawful investigations including, but not limited to: corporate asset protection, criminal defense and agency intelligence, border security and corrections investigations. 

“With the proliferation of digital evidence, global law enforcement agencies need to be able to manage and analyze large amounts of data to conduct their investigations. To create safer communities, they need solutions that can facilitate collaboration and pinpoint critical pieces of evidence to help complete their work faster,” said Arthur Veinstein, GM of International Business at Cellebrite. “Cellebrite’s focus is to help agencies improve data analysis and gain profound insights that streamlines the case solving process. We look forward to working with RAH Infotech to provide our technical expertise and support to their clients.” 

RAH Infotech will strictly adhere to Cellebrite’s distribution and sales policies specifying who may purchase and ultimately use its solutions. All customer agencies receive proper training prior to using any Cellebrite tools. RAH is committed to working with Cellebrite to ensure all end users complete and adhere to Cellebrite’s rigorous training and operational guidelines.

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