“Import is Getting Hugely Impacted Due to Delayed Clearances”

“Import is Getting Hugely Impacted Due to Delayed Clearances”

The market had witnessed quite tough phase throughout the lockdown but now as the market has started opening, the businesses are picking up it’s momentum. Sanjay Kalirona, CEO, Gizmore said, “Slowly, business is getting back to normal.  During the lockdown period there was demand for low-value items essential for Work from Home & online education but now things are getting back to normalcy with rising demand in mid & high-value range.  With this, we are quite hopeful that in a couple of months, business should be back on track.”

Hurdles in The Journey Ahead 

Supply chain is still one of the big concerns for entire players and still this will take few months to settle down. Sanjay added, “The major challenge being felt is about the Supply Chain which is yet to get back to normal due to various reasons, shortage of labour being the main culprit.  Also, import is getting hugely impacted due to delayed clearances.  These in turn are proving to be hurdles in bringing the business back on track.” 

Strategies to Drive Growth 

Sharing the upcoming plans for Gizmore, Sanjay says, “We are trying to smoothen out the supply changing and shifting our focus on high demanded items.  Also for the coming festival season, we are chalking out various activities for the brand which should help us to achieve our targets.”

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