Xenio Offering Its Video Conferencing Solutions to Help Remote Workers

Xenio Offering Its Video Conferencing Solutions to Help Remote Workers

Since the last decade, various parameters have driven market growth of video conferencing platforms, for example, the growing focal points of organizations, in the global marketplace as well as in employee management in several auxiliaries. In any case, the episode of the coronavirus has affected the video conferencing market emphatically. The worldwide video conferencing industry is relied upon to pick up footing during the coronavirus flare-up.

As the endeavors and government associations are thinking about video conferencing as an extreme answer for interface with telecommuters, clients, and representatives; and, simultaneously, it forestalls direct contact with the individuals. The prohibition on movement has restricted the outreach of the ventures in the outside market, which thusly, has expanded the promotion of video-conferencing application. Organizations are receiving an inventive enlistment process at such time by drawing in video meetings. The legislature, then again, is utilizing video conferencing software to interface with specialists and administrative individuals of their locale and different nations.

However, a huge extent of touchy information of most ventures over the world is yet to move to the open cloud. The greater part of endeavors has moved a minor 20 percent of their outstanding burdens to the cloud while 80 percent of their applications and outstanding tasks at hand stay on-premises. The explanation is that endeavors are stressed over consistency and information security in open cloud conditions.

The ever-approaching danger of an advantaged client getting to the memory of a procedure and subsequently gaining admittance to touchy information is genuine and powerful. Throughout the years, encryption has been the panacea for endeavors to the battle interior and outer dangers to information. Be that as it may, encryption needs to envelop each progression of the information lifecycle – at rest, in-travel, and being used or at runtime.

The USPs of Xenio.in video conferencing software include the platform having the ability to run off client servers. Thus holding the data back within their network and not sharing it over public platforms. All data is shared 100% End to End Encrypted and on Secured Networks connections only. It can customize the look and feel of the video collaboration platform to match the client's website/branding guidelines.

Since their core is that they do not barge into the privacy of the user's data, their mobile app does not capture user data and save it on their server, access records are logged for security reasons only.

Of the company’s recent success, Xenio Technology & Marketing Founder Nirav Shah said, "During this period almost all conversations and business took place on public platforms, exposing business data to those who could access it. Imagine the value that data holds and the losses it could create for companies. Xenio bridges that gap by providing Video Conferencing solutions on their own servers at nominal costs as compared to other solutions. It can be embedded directly on the client's website even on shared hostings, now you don't need to ask your customers to download a third-party app, rather just share a link of your website."

"Education Institutions no longer need to make their student data public, today most schools have opted for Microsoft Teams, Imagine the amount of student data shared with them. Xenio bridges that gap and schools could set up their internal servers.

Xenio also has its custom-built LMS solution where students could be assigned worksheets, videos, and presentations. This gives Xenio a robust platform of providing a Video Collaboration and learning solution in a singular offering."

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