Nevales Conducts CXO's Meet on 'Secure Enterprise'

Nevales Conducts CXO's Meet on 'Secure Enterprise'

Nevales Networks, an innovator in delivering comprehensive and affordable cloud-based managed security services on a 'Pay as You Use' model, hosted its enterprise CXO meet themed "Mission Impossible" in Mumbai. The meet attracted 70+ CIOs, CTOs and top executives of large enterprises from across India. Top executives from Nevales Networks highlighted on the growing complexities in Network Management and the security concerns across the globe and how Nevales Networks solutions can help the CXOs secure their technical environment from the growing threats.

The event revolved around 'Secure Enterprise' and witnessed three sessions which gave the insight of latest in-tech innovation. The sessions emphasized on the big challenge for enterprises that lies in the ever increasing complexities across network management, branching out to remote locations securely while keeping a tab on the rising cost of securing network. The session on Managed Security Services helped the attendees to receive an in-depth review of the importance of managed security solution, with the surrounding business drivers, pros and cons, and technology while choosing a solution. This was followed by an overview and a demo on Nevales Cloud managed security services. With Nevales' solution, enterprises can branch out to remote locations with limited onsite IT resources cost effectively. The event concluded with cocktail and dinner.

The Pay As You Use model offered by Nevales Networks manages security, connectivity and enables cloud applications for enterprise customers' branch offices and remote locations. The appliance exterminates the dangerous threats like Virus, Spyware, Hacker attacks, Denial of service attacks, Phishing, Data interpretation and theft, and other malicious activities while centrally managing and monitoring your network and the cost.

Sunija Rishi, Co-Founder and CMO at Nevales Networks said, "Managed Security Services make it easier for large enterprises to meet security demands while keeping operating costs predictable at the same time. We are focused on large enterprises enabling their businesses secure their multiple branch offices remotely. We believe that we can provide user friendly and multi-featured solution to our customers through Nevales Cloud Managed Security."

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