iYogi Appoints NICE Solution for Better Consumer Support

iYogi Appoints NICE Solution for Better Consumer Support

NICE Systems announced that iYogi, a global provider of technical support services to consumers and businesses, has chosen NICE to help improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience through Big Data insights and analytics from thousands of service requests every day. iYogi is deploying the NICE solution to holistically manage both voice and non-voice processes serving millions of users annually.

NICE Process Analytics, part of its Real-Time Activity Monitoring solution, will enable the automatic capture and analysis of all managed processes that take place within a single customer interaction, including tasks performed on both the phone and desktop by Tech Experts. This will increase iYogi’s visibility and productivity across multiple geographies, enhancing their Tech Experts’ delivery across all task types, skills and levels. As a result, iYogi will be able to optimize occupancy and service levels. The NICE solution will also support iYogi’s cycle of forecasting, scheduling, and real-time management of its Tech Experts. Integration with iYogi’s platform will improve customer engagement by identifying knowledge gaps for focused training and performance improvement.

“The holistic optimization and management of employees across voice and non-voice tasks is an emerging trend with enterprises globally. In order to garner customer loyalty, businesses must be able to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively, and this often demands a collaborative effort across frontline service agents and technical experts,” said ZeeviBregman, President and CEO, NICE Systems. “The NICE solution offers detailed insights across the organization to enable effective workforce management that includes all service-level agents.”

“End-users consistently rate iYogi very high for professionalism and customer service levels, and it is this that has helped us secure a leadership position in the tech support industry. Investments in our platform to optimize our performance and improve service levels are essential for us to maintain an edge as we expand our services across new geographies,” said Uday Challu, Co-founder and CEO of iYogi. “Our partnership with NICE is in line with this commitment – its solution is ideal for providing Big Data insights and analytics, and will further strengthen our platform and technology leadership.

iYogi provides support services across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. With an expanding global presence, iYogi’s services are now live in ten countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the GCC States.

NICE Process Analytics is part of NICE’s Customer Interaction Management Offering, which enables organizations to impact the full lifecycle of every customer interaction by being well-prepared for each interaction, shaping the interaction in real time as it happens, and driving improvement across the enterprise for the next interaction. Driven by real-time, cross-channel analytics and Voice of the Customer insights, it offers targeted solutions for enhancing the customer experience, streamlining operational efficiency across the enterprise, improving employee performance, increasing service-to-sales revenue, and complying with policies and regulations. NICE Customer Interaction Management solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes, branches, retail stores, trading floors, and back office operations.

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