Having excellent IT infra is key element today to grow any company irrespective of its size. Networking plays crucial role for them to use IT services and run their businesses. There are number of companies who claim to serve you better by offering excellent services. But as a business owner you can’t trust these lucrative offers. But Concierge Technologies, a well-known company has emerged as a boon for all organizations and rescue you from this challenge. The company has been instrumental in building successful networking infrastructure for hundreds of its customers across India.

The companies don’t believe in selling products or solutions only, but they are doing this business to build strong relationship with their clients. Company’s this philosophy has helped them becoming top solution providers within six years of its establishment. Mr. Rajat Jain, Director, Concierge Technologies, who leads from the front, has been using his expertise and leadership skill to take the company on success path. Mr. Jain shares his opinion on current market growth and company’s overall plan with DT, in an exclusive interaction. Find below the excerpts:

DT: How do you see the current ICT market in India?

Mr. Jain: - India is the world's largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The industry employs about 10 million workforces. More importantly, the industry has led the economic transformation of the country and altered the perception of India in the global economy. The IT industry has also created significant demand in the Indian education sector, especially for engineering and computer science. The Indian IT and ITeS industry is divided into four major segments – IT services, Business Process Management (BPM), Software products and engineering services, and Hardware. 

DT: How Digital India Initiative has changed the market?

Mr. Jain: ‘Digital India’ is a program intended to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The idea is to provide people with a ‘cradle to grave identity’ that is “unique, lifelong and online.” The project focuses on being transformative that helps realize the popular equation i.e. IT+IT= IT, which means India Today + Information Technology = India Tomorrow.

Furthering the benefits of Digital India, the roadmap ahead looks promising. By the year 2019, 2.5 lakh villages will have broadband connection along with the added feature of phone connectivity. Not only that, over 2.5 lakh educational institutions including schools and universities will have Wi-Fi facility. The program aims to impact the employment scenario immensely by increasing skills and job prospects. It is estimated that by 2019, about 1.7 crore young Indians will have proper training in IT, Telecom and electronics. With these developments, India is expected to become the world leader in IT interface with e-Governance and e-services getting maximum exposure. It can be concluded that ‘Digital India’ is all set to transform the interface of the country’s socio-economic dynamics.

DT: What kind of challenges you face currently in running such business?

Mr. Jain: Every business has its own challenge. In our industry we face certain challenges like revenue growth, hiring experts, government regulations, enhancing profits, attaining high customer satisfaction, proving excellent service support and many other. These are the major challenge for any existing business today. We also believe lack of awareness among partners are key area which need to be addressed very soon. We all have to keep updated ourselves with all technology advancement as its changes very quickly. We are always required to gain knowledge and information about new technology and solutions to give best results to our clients.

DT: How do you assure to offer best Wi-Fi solutions to your customers?

Mr. Jain: Concierge Technologies engineers have a deep and wide IT knowledge base, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions while maintaining a mastery of existing network technologies. Coupled with our agnostic approach, clients have access to our unbiased, professional technical expertise and recommendations, providing the integral information needed to make mission-critical decisions about their networks and IT infrastructure. Our team of experts provide end-to-end solutions that will address issues from servers to network infrastructure, all the way to computers, mobile devices, tablets and workstations – in other words, core to cloud. Once the implementation and installation is complete, you will be supported by best practices and workflow procedures that make your work life easier.

DT: Which are the major verticals and region you are targeting currently?

Mr. Jain: We are not limited to any area because of our association with leading MNC partners. We cater to PAN India opportunities as we are also working with Redington who are our logistic partner. As we see huge opportunities coming in with change of government in Uttar Pradesh, Our target area as of now is UP.Being based out of Lucknow, we are gearing up to tap enormous upcoming projects in the state. We are targeting Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Defense and military, Retail and hospitality, Public sector, Transportation and logistics, Transportation and logistics, Others (Oil & gas, BFSI, manufacturing).

DT: What are the brands currently you are working with?

Mr. Jain: We are working with leading global brands as we believe in selling excellent solutions. We have multiple choice of brands in our large product folio as we bundle the right solutions as per its size.  We work with “Edimax” which is known for its quality products for high range and high performance for large scale deployments. They have a good range of products to meet the requirements of big setups without compromising the quality of performance and service of devices.

For small deployments we go with “IP-COM” devices who provides budget access points with good performance. Their low range access points are too good to be deployed in small setups and home solutions as well. Our Wi-Fi controller that comes from “Handlink” i.e. WG-500P Hotspot gateway in a printer is the best controller for small to medium setups with high customization options and user friendly. We have also added renowned global brand “Axilspot” to our product range to offer good performance devices and better customization options.

DT: What are the major services you offer to build excellent network infrastructure?

Mr. Jain: We offer complete solutions to give best network solutions to all size of companies. We believe in building relationship rather selling products or solutions. We analyze our client’s requirement and then plan their roadmap for excellent networking infrastructure.   We take any assignment from initial planning till deployment of solutions. We offer below services:  

  1. High-Density Wi-Fi

Thousands of people, endless mobile devices, Wi-Fi access and interchange of volumes of data can bog down any network. However, high performance Wi-Fi can accelerate coverage, bandwidth and user density. Concierge Technologies is an industry leading expert in high-density Wi-Fi solutions, providing a top-notch level of security, encryption, and scalability.

  1. Network Assessment

Concierge Technologies network assessments provide our clients with the clarity they need to see the “forest” through the “trees.”  Our assessments provide a clear picture of their networks from where they are today to where the gaps are for transforming the network to meet their future plans. Our team will examine and review all components of your IT environment, review and analyze practices and policies, to provide recommendations and solutions that align with industry benchmarks and best practices.

  1. Network Design

Concierge Technologies has an unprecedented level of expertise in network design. Our network designers, engineers and IT staff will design solutions that transform your networks to meet the demands of your consumers and network-users, while achieving growth, revenue and enhanced user-experience. Coupled with our agnostic approach, our network designs require best practices and industry standards, utilizing recommended manufacturers, to create the network that is perfectly right for your unique needs.

  1. Network Remediation

Concierge Technologies is focused on reducing the number of vulnerabilities and decreasing the risks for your organization. Focused on assessing and identifying vulnerabilities and risks, we develop a Concierge Technologies Remediation Report, which includes the data gathered, data analysis, tools utilized, and a remediation plan. Concierge Technologies Networks will develop a vulnerability management program and work hand-in-hand with you to reduce the number of vulnerabilities, thereby reducing risk to the organization.

  1. Network Installation

Concierge Technologies Networks installation process employs a rigid 5-prong installation and best practice policy to ensure a smooth transition into the future. First, we learn about your needs, now and in the future. Second, we analyze all the integration points, other providers, different technologies and management requirements. Then, we employ proper planning, allowing for buffer time and unforeseen situations. Fourth, we work hard to get hardware and software pre-assembled for quicker and easier installation. Lastly, we ensure that the new technologies have the best warranties, eligible software updates and acceptable ongoing costs, so our clients are well aware, ensuring that we future-proof your system, and provide a variety of expertise to meet our clients’ needs.

  1. Firewall & Network Security

Having access to the internet and the outside world is vital for the success of any business, but protecting you from external threats is paramount. Concierge Technologies Networks conducts security audits and penetration testing to ensure the security of your network and the protection your organization. Our Security Engineers locate, identify and eliminate flaws and vulnerabilities in the network, ensuring the network is secured according to best practice and industry standards. Concierge Technologies Networks addresses firewalls in four key categories including packet filters, circuit level gateways, application level gateways and multi-layer inspection firewalls. As an added value, clients can use our firewall validation and security verification methods based on their current and future network security requirements.

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