Today we live in the world where we cannot live without technology or we can say computer, internet etc. Now the use of managed switches has increased and it’s quite beneficial for those who want to monitor a managed network switch and adjust it locally or remotely.

This gives you control over network traffic and who has access to the network. Managed switches give you more control over your LAN traffic and offer advanced features to control that traffic. Zyxel XGS4600 series 28-port GbE L3 Managed Switch comes with New ID design with carbon fiber look name plate that delivers the modern look-and-feel in the closet.

The XGS4600 Series comes with Gigabit connectivity and four integrated 10-Gigabit SFP+ slots that enable high-speed uplink connections for affordable, reliable network elements so when you will use it, you will flawless experience. The XGS4600 Series allows creating a physical stack through one or two 10-Gigabit SFP+ slots. There is a plus point in Zyxel XGS4600 series managed switches that it features dynamic routing to simplify cross-subnet communications for businesses such as hospitality venues and education institutions that operate complex networks. In case if the power supply fails The XGS4600 Series is designed to support active-standby power redundancy to trigger backup power supply to take over.

The XGS4600 Series managed switches now comes with new fan design so you will not hear any operating noise and it also comes with power noise filter that enhances system stability. All solid capacitor utilization insures longer lifetime, high stability and robust operation by getting rid of drying out, bursting and leaking problems. There are two options in this series XGS4600-32 and XGS4600-32F, both works superbly and you can buy these managed switches with no fear.


DT reviewed Zyxel XGS4600 Series Managed Switches and based on our own evaluation we give them three star rating.