DLS Launches 'Mannat' - India's Premier Writing Board Software, Ropes in Abhay Deol as Brand Face

DLS Launches 'Mannat' - India's Premier Writing Board Software, Ropes in Abhay Deol as Brand Face

Digital Live Services (DLS) is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, 'Mannat - India's Writing Board' software. The company unveiled this cutting-edge solution at a mega event at Ramada Hotel Juhu, Mumbai, marking a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize conventional learning methods with innovative digital solutions.

Digital Live Services has appointed Bollywood superstar Abhay Deol to promote this cutting-edge software. Abhay Deol will serve as the face of the company, endorsing and promoting this revolutionary software to K-12 students across India.

The launch of 'Mannat - India's Writing Board' represents Digital Live Services' commitment to digitalizing the Indian education system and preparing students for the future. This innovative software aims to make education an interactive experience, transforming the way students learn and engage with educational content.

Virender Singh, CEO of Digital Live Services, expressed his excitement about the launch with DT, stating, "We are thrilled to introduce Mannat - India's Writing Board, a cutting-edge software that embodies our commitment to revolutionizing education in India. This launch signifies our dedication to providing students with innovative digital solutions that enhance their learning experience. Mannat is not just a software; it is a testament to our vision of transforming the education landscape in India. We believe that Mannat will revolutionize how students learn, making education more interactive and engaging. This launch marks a significant milestone for Digital Live Services, and we are excited to see the impact Mannat will have on education in India."

He further added, “We have also appointed Bollywood Superstar Abhay Deol as our Brand face. We are happy to have him as Abhay Deol's influence and reach will greatly contribute to promoting ‘Mannat’ and reach to a wider audience.”

Mannat is a next-generation software solution that promises to revolutionize the learning experience for students. It offers interactive content, engaging visuals, and immersive multimedia elements that transcend traditional teaching methods. The software's intuitive interface and customized study materials make it suitable for users of all ages and backgrounds, providing a personalized and engaging learning experience.

Educators and educational institutions can adopt 'Mannat' to embrace a new era of learning. By leveraging this innovative software, educators can deliver more personalized and effective instruction, while students can enjoy a more interactive and immersive learning experience. Ultimately, the Mannat software represents a transformative step towards a future where technology plays a central role in shaping the way we learn and acquire knowledge.

Digital Live Services has experienced remarkable growth since its inception, achieving exponential success in a relatively short period. The company recently reached a significant milestone by surpassing the 300 crore revenue mark, a testament to its strong commitment and perseverance in the education sector. This achievement underscores Digital Live Services' position as a key player in the industry, known for its innovative digital solutions and transformative impact on education.

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