AjnaLens Unveils Next-Gen AjnaXR PRO and SE Mixed Reality Headsets

AjnaLens Unveils Next-Gen AjnaXR PRO and SE Mixed Reality Headsets

AjnaLens’ most advanced mixed reality headsets - the AjnaXR SE and AjnaXR PRO - designed to democratize access to immersive learning and skill development and set India on a course to become a global leader in XR. These cutting-edge devices, launched on August 15, 2023 at Ajna Developers Conference in Gurugram, made immersive learning more accessible than ever before unleashing the immense potential of India in the XR domain.

As India's sole pioneering company in XR technology with a comprehensive offering of both XR hardware and software solutions, AjnaLens is dedicated to reshaping the XR landscape on a national and global scale. Their mission is not just about technological advancement; it's about empowering India's economy, fostering sustainability, and placing the country at the forefront of XR technology.

AjnaLens firmly believes that India is on the brink of becoming a global XR leader, and the company is committed to leading this transformative journey. India's immense talent pool and growing appetite for technological innovation make it an ideal breeding ground for XR advancements. By unveiling these XR headsets, AjnaLens takes on the mantle of not just a company but a movement—a movement that is set to elevate India's presence on the global XR stage. The XR landscape is evolving rapidly, and AjnaLens is at the forefront, driving India's ascent to supremacy.

These enterprise-grade headsets with features including precise hand-tracking, gesture controls, and unparalleled connectivity are engineered to meet the demanding needs of businesses and professionals across domains to redefine the way they work and scale.

Introducing AjnaXR PRO, featuring a dual 2.1-inch display with an astonishing resolution of 4560 x 2280, boasts 256GB of storage, a robust 5500mAh battery and Hand Tracking, ensuring users enjoy extended hours of uninterrupted immersion.

Introducing the AjnaXR SE, equipped with a Dual 2.1-inch F-LCD display boasting an impressive 3200 x 1600 pixels resolution. This cutting-edge device comes with a pair of 16MP RGB cameras, delivering ultra-low-latency colour pass-through functionality. With its sleek and ergonomic design, the AjnaXR SE ensures comfort during extended use, making it the perfect companion for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Both headsets are competitively priced starting at INR 99,999/- and are exclusively available for order through the company's official website.

Mr Pankaj Raut, Co-Founder and COO of AjnaLens, stated, "At AjnaLens, our mission is to inspire innovation and address human-centric challenges through the incredible potential of mixed reality experiences. Our AjnaXR SE and AjnaXR PRO devices are a significant step towards this vision. They exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries in training, learning, and human development, showcasing India's innovation prowess on the global stage. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way people learn and acquire skills, and these devices embody our dedication to making every individual in India skill-first."

AjnaLens' innovation extends beyond hardware, encompassing an array of empowering platforms. AjnaLens is proud to offer a complete XR ecosystem  to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. Their flagship product, AjnaVidya, constitutes a cutting-edge XR ecosystem that redefines learning through the transformative power of AR/VR. AjnaVidya is designed to support the development of immersive content, applications, and experiences that leverage the full potential of XR technology. It provides immersive training and upskilling experiences for professionals and businesses, fostering growth and proficiency.

With the Ajna Workstation, AjnaLens offers a cloud-based computing service that transcends device limitations, enabling users to access XR tools and content on any device with an internet connection. This ensures immersive learning and experiences are readily accessible on the go.

The vision of AjnaLens extends beyond innovation. It's about catalyzing India's growth in the XR technology industry. With a focus on sustainability and economic empowerment, the team is committed to nurture a skilled workforce, foster innovation, and make India the global leader in XR technology.

The AjnaLens journey is not merely about immersive technology, it's about redefining possibilities and inspiring a future where boundaries serve as stepping stones. These advancements underscore AjnaLens' unwavering dedication to reshaping immersive experiences with a skill-first approach, ultimately contributing to the empowerment and progress of the nation.

The AjnaXR Pro and AjnaXR SE are available for pre-order on their website www.ajnalens.com now!

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