“We Are Focusing More On Vendor Tie-Ups And Expanding The Existing Portfolio”

“We Are Focusing More On Vendor Tie-Ups And Expanding The Existing Portfolio”

The IT distribution space is on the rise owing to the unprecedented boost in demand of products and solutions. The demand for next-gen IT solutions has increased across various sectors due to boost in digital transformation journey for Indian companies. Radiant Info Solutions is one of the leading providers of best IT solutions and have on boarded many prominent IT brands during its more than a decade long journey. Nishant Gupta, Managing Director, Radiant Info Solutions shared his views on the performance, challenges, growth and future plans.

DT: Please share your Overall Performance in the Year 2022.

Nishant: This year is quite promising in terms of the frequency of IT Networking projects we received. Key achievement this year includes conducting regular Partner meets to empower them with recent products and technology we incorporated into our portfolio, successful on-time integration of IT projects at various client sites, and impressive sales figures achieved in various IT domains resulting in recognition as the top-performing partner from the brands we are connected with. Apart from this we successfully managed to engage with upcountry markets and adequately created an impressive presence in such regions.

DT: Please share the target revenue or growth percentage to achieve by end of 2022-23.

Nishant: This year we have set a benchmark to grow at least 25% than the previous year.  

DT: What is your plan to strengthen your distribution business across all Indian markets?

Nishant: This year we are focusing more on vendor tie-ups and expanding the existing portfolio. Also, our focus is to make the channel stronger for existing and long-associated partners like R&M, Alcatel, Vertiv, and Netshell. The idea is to get into a complete solution providing consultancy, and pre-and post-sales support, especially in a highly competitive and price-centric segment like networking. In addition to this, we are diligently working to increase our ties and coverage in Tier-II cities and government sectors. Our sales and marketing engines are working together to identify and execute through geography-specific partnerships.

DT: What all support do you expect from the brands for greater profitability & overall company growth?

Nishant: We as a channel partner expect that brands will maintain uniformity and continuity in conducting partner meets and training programs so that we can encourage our associated linkups to get involved more in such activities. Along with these constructive incentive schemes, offering adequate Marketing development funds and proactive IT support are some key areas that need to be considered by the brands for mutual profitability.

DT: What as per you is the two biggest challenges for the distribution business in India?

Nishant: There are two challenges in the distribution business-

1. Mismatch in Customer & Supplier Demands: If there is a customer who requires a set of products immediately and you don’t happen to have them, you will ask your supplier for the goods. However, the supplier requires a lead time to deliver it.

This mismatch in customer and supplier demands not only causes a delay in customer service but eventually leads to overstocking or a shortage of goods.

2. Profit Margins & Cash Flow

Improving profit margins and cash flow is at the forefront of any business and this is the biggest challenge the distribution industry is facing and arises because of

·        Inventory storage costs

·        Pricing wars/ Bidding wars for new orders

·        Late payment against invoices

·        Overhead / miscellaneous expenses 

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