“Our Alliance With Kaspersky is Based on Mutual Trust Between Us”

“Our Alliance With Kaspersky is Based on Mutual Trust Between Us”

Digitization has raised the concern of cyber security among Indian companies. With rise in cyberattack incidences, firms need to deploy best possible cyber security solution and feel secure in their work environment. To make it possible, Essen Vision is working hard. The company is determined to minimize the threat to zero and provide a secure digital environment to the organisations. To know more about their work culture and future strategies, DT interacted with Ronny Ferrao, Chief Operating Officer, Essen Vision. He shared with us about their business growth, achievements, rising demand of cybersecurity solution, partnership with Kaspersky and much more. Here are the touchpoints from the conversation, take a look:

DT: Can you please talk about your business growth and achievements in the year 2022?

Ronny: We are looking at growing in our overall  revenues this year as we see amazing opportunities for our business. Investments in skills and resources have helped us gain customers’ confidence on the work that we deliver. We have been involved in some of the largest SOC, Application Security, Cloud Security, DevSecops, Data Security & End User Security Projects in the last few months across the country. This certainly shows our growth and achievements in the year 2022 so far and we are moving to the year 2023 with high sense of achievement and a solid backup from previous year.

DT: Can you shed some light on the rising demand for cybersecurity solutions? What is the core reason for adoption of advanced security solutions among Indian companies?

Ronny: The Government and Regulatory authorities like CERT-IN, RBI, SEBI, IRDA have played a key role in evangelising the role of cybersecurity in organisations, which is really appreciating and encouraging. Plus, this has kept firms abreast of the latest breaches and indicators of attack and adding penalties and pressure on these organisations with PII Information. This regulation by government has encouraged Indian companies to invest heavily on Cybersecurity enabling us to make work environment safer.

DT: How do you see your business partnership with Kaspersky so far?

Ronny: We have been working with Kaspersky from last 10 years now and have been protecting some of our key customers with their specialised tools such as; Server Security, Embedded Security and End User Security solutions. Our alliance with Kaspersky is based on mutual trust between us and collaborated approach towards minimizing cyber threat to zero. This has enabled us to boost up our structure and provide concrete solution to our partners and customers.

DT: How do you look forward to build huge customer base by deploying Kaspersky solutions across various segment?

Ronny: Kaspersky has a compelling story in discovering viruses and world class virus removal tools backed by global support system. This caters to clients in each endeavour and all verticals, which makes us look forward to taking this partnership to greater heights in the coming year. Hence, we certainly look forward for a solid customer base with implementation of Kaspersky solutions across multiple segments.

DT: What will be your key Go-To-Market strategies for Q4 2022?

Ronny: Our market strategy has been implemented after brainstorming through all those touchpoints that could affect the productivity for the longevity. In which, listening to the Customers’ Pain Areas and stich solutions customised specifically to address their challenges are the base of our customer service strategy. Along with that, we are providing skills and resources to Design, Architect, Implement and Manage their Cybersecurity infrastructure.  

DT: Please brief about your vision behind starting your organisation. How do you manage to overcome initial challenges?

Ronny: Essen Vision has been in the business of Cybersecurity for the last 28 years now. We learn from our own experience. In that, facing challenges positively helped us grow and come to the forefront among leading cybersecurity providers. Challenges have evolved us to grow strong and strengthen the foundations of our organisation that was clear as vision since the starting of our organisation. This has made us ready to be among the best Cybersecurity companies in India, with the fact that we have the Vision and the Experience backing us.  

Talking about the business landscape and partnership with Essen Vision, Dipesh Kaura, GM, South Asia Kaspersky commented, “Our cybersecurity solutions are deployed by leading organizations where we have successfully strengthened their IT infrastructure. We see good opportunities in Indian market as digital transformation is getting higher adoption compared to recent years. Now organizations are much actively adopting digital mediums to boost business growth. Our strong focus on delivering the cutting-edge solutions across India through our highly efficient partners will be continued in year 2023 as well. With Essen Vision, we are reaching out to the customers and meeting their demand. We will keep on working successfully together to offer best cybersecurity solution to Indian companies.”

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