Dailyhunt, Josh and OneIndia Signed MoU with J&K Police

Dailyhunt, Josh and OneIndia Signed MoU with J&K Police

Dailyhunt, Josh, and OneIndia are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with the Jammu & Kashmir Police. This momentous partnership is poised to share the achievements and accomplishments of the Jammu and Kashmir Police with the citizens of the country. 

The signing of MoU event featured Shri Dilbag Singh, the Director General of Police for Jammu and Kashmir, as the chief guest. Among the attendees were Shri M.K Sinha, the ADGP Headquarters and Coordinator at PHQ, Shri Ravanan N, the Executive Director of Eterno Infotech Pvt Ltd, Shri Manoj Kumar Pandit, AIG (Communications), and other officers from Police Headquarters. 

The two-year collaboration will entail seamless integration of Jammu & Kashmir Police's content in innovative formats across Dailyhunt, Josh and OneIndia. Users will be able to access video content, web stories, listicles, and photo galleries on Dailyhunt, tailored to resonate with the younger audience. Innovative campaigns and challenges, incorporating app integrations, AR filters, and popular creators will be featured on the Josh platform. OneIndia will publish content in multiple regional languages to ensure maximum impact and reach amongst regional audiences. The collaboration will enable Jammu & Kashmir Police to boost their digital presence through regular communication on these platforms, widening avenues of empowering and informing citizens while also encouraging public interaction. 

Ravanan N, Executive Director, Eterno Infotech said, "We are proud to announce the collaboration between Dailyhunt, Josh and OneIndia, and the esteemed Jammu & Kashmir Police, to share their incredible success stories to boost morale and showcase commendable work in nation-building. Through the seamless integration of information on our platforms, we aim to provide a holistic content experience. This partnership will enable meaningful discussions, diverse engagement, and strengthened community awareness. With innovative campaigns, participation of content creators, and innovative content, we aim to engage, inform, and create awareness within the community.”

Shri. Dilbag Singh, the Director General, Jammu & Kashmir Police said, "We are delighted to announce this strategic partnership, which aims to further strengthen the Jammu & Kashmir Police's connection with citizens. Utilizing the vast user base of Dailyhunt, OneIndia, and Josh, we plan to reach a wider audience and share our remarkable success stories, with the nation. The Jammu and Kashmir Police stands as a symbol of sacrifice and dedication, and we believe that by sharing our stories with the world, we can boost the morale of our force. We encourage our officers on the front lines to actively contribute to this narrative, ensuring that the courageous efforts are celebrated as they rightly deserve." 

Shri M.K Sinha, the ADGP Headquarters said, “On behalf of the Jammu & Kashmir Police, I am thrilled to be part of this strategic collaboration with Dailyhunt, Josh, and OneIndia. This partnership represents a significant step in our efforts to connect with the citizens of our nation. Through these platforms, we look forward to sharing the inspiring achievements and remarkable work of the Jammu and Kashmir Police. We believe that by reaching a wider audience, we can boost the morale of our dedicated force and celebrate their selfless dedication." 

Shri Manoj Kumar Pandit, AIG (Communications) said, " This strategic collaboration with Dailyhunt, Josh, and OneIndia is a significant step towards connecting with citizens and sharing remarkable achievements of our police force. Through innovative content and digital platforms, we aim to boost morale and celebrate the dedication of our brave officers on the front lines, creating a stronger bond with the community." 

This partnership is rooted in the vision of empowering citizens by providing them with seamless access to vital information.

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