ICPA Dones State-Of-The-Art Laparoscopy System to KEM Hospital

ICPA Dones State-Of-The-Art Laparoscopy System to KEM Hospital

ICPA Health Products has donated the world’s most advanced Laparoscopy system costing Rs.1 Cr to KEM Hospital. This first-of-its-kind technology - the Elite Viscera Laparoscopic system by Olympus is designed to meet the needs of the Gastroenterology Department; Mr Rohit Mehta, Founder & Managing Director of ICPA inaugurated the system in the presence of Dr Chetan Kantharia, head of the Gastroenterology Department of KEMH. With this development, KEMH becomes the first public hospital in India to own the Laparoscopy system.

The latest equipment is expected to decrease the overall surgery time and immensely benefit KEMH’s gastrointestinal surgery department which performs on average over 400 laparoscopic surgeries per year.

“I have had the privilege of closely collaborating with KEMH for nearly a decade, witnessing first-hand the unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and immense patient workload of its doctors. When I learnt about the requirement from the doctors here, our CSR team at ICPA got in touch with the company that manufactures the system and sourced it. KEMH is one of the most trusted institutions in the world and patients from across the country come here for treatment. We hope that our small contribution will make a difference to both, people’s lives and in reducing the burden on doctors here,” says Mr Rohit Mehta.

The laparoscopy system assists doctors in performing laparoscopic surgeries involving colorectal malignancy cases, liver resection for malignancy of the liver, upper gastrointestinal malignancy, achalasia cardia surgery and splenectomy for haematological disorders, among others.

“The ultra-advanced laparoscopic system will enable us to perform complex supra-major surgeries with ease and safety and decrease the overall surgery time. The system helps differentiate organs and fat. Surgeries related to the large intestine, liver, pancreas and spleen can be done with ease. When it comes to precision, it will be double what we are using now,” concludes Dr Chetan Kantharia.

In the past, ICPA has donated four 2-D echo machines to KEM Hospital for its cardiac and ophthalmic departments, an electrosurgical unit for its Gastrointestinal (GI) department, endoscopy equipment to general surgery department, nasal endoscopes machine to the ENT department and a fully automated BIO chemistry analyser to the Nephrology department. Availability of these machines has eased treatment for numerous patients at the hospital.

ICPA also supports skill development through the Ramkrishna Vivekanand Charitable Trust for students up to their Graduation and provides medical aid to the needy in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, where it has its manufacturing facility.

The company also offers marginalised, young children with access to computers through Kuntunath Foundation and imparts them with the basic IT knowledge and skills. The company has empowered close to 100 students over the last four years through several such initiatives. It also has undertaken water-harvesting projects in the region which has benefitted over 8 schools with access to clean water.

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