Bramhansh Technologies Showcased Cutting-edge Healthcare Innovation at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

Bramhansh Technologies Showcased Cutting-edge Healthcare Innovation at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

Bramhansh Technologies showcased its groundbreaking products at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023, solidifying its position as a shining star amidst the technological marvels presented at the event.

The Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2023, held at the iconic Bangalore Palace, brought together global technology leaders to explore the theme of "Breaking Boundaries" in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

Bramhansh Technologies stole the spotlight with its flagship product, Migraelief, a wearable migraine relief device that utilizes low-frequency sound waves for effective relief. From the inaugural day, Migraelief captivated the attention of medical professionals and investors alike. The immediate relief experienced by users, including working professionals and students, highlighted the device's efficacy, garnering praise and interest from renowned hospitals.

The second day witnessed an unprecedented surge in Bramhansh Technologies' success as it was selected among the top 10 startups from the Presidency Launchpad for investment by the Presidency group of institutions. This recognition underscored the company's potential to revolutionize the MedTech industry.

Migraelief's success extended beyond borders, attracting pre-orders and direct sales not only from various regions in India but also from international markets. Distributors from the southern region of India expressed keen interest in partnership, while e-commerce channels sought collaboration to expand Migraelief's reach nationwide.

Mr. Jaideep Tiwari, Founder and CEO of BramhAnsh Technologies, expressed his excitement regarding the tremendous responses. He stated, "At BramhAnsh Technologies, our goal is to leverage technology's potential to bring about a significant positive change in healthcare. The enthusiastic reception of Migraelief and the remarkable interest in Soonyam at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023 affirm our dedication to pushing limits and leading the way in innovative solutions. We appreciate the acknowledgment and backing from the global tech community, and we are unwavering in our commitment to revolutionize lives through cutting-edge healthcare technology."

Notably, foreign delegates from the US, Europe, and Russia expressed interest in Migraelief, recognizing its potential to transform the lives of migraine sufferers globally.

In an unexpected turn of success, Soonyam, Bramhansh's pre-launch biofeedback device, captured the imagination of BTS 2023 attendees, generating a remarkable number of pre-orders. The device's potential to enhance health and well-being resonated strongly with visitors, reflecting Bramhansh's unwavering commitment to pioneering healthcare solutions.

BTS 2023 proved to be a turning point for Bramhansh Technologies, reaffirming its dedication to transforming lives through technology. The exceptional reception of Migraelief and the promising outlook of Soonyam have solidified Bramhansh's position as a trailblazer in healthcare innovation, setting new standards for the industry.

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