Pocket52 Launches Royalty Reward Program for Poker Enthusiasts

Pocket52 Launches Royalty Reward Program for Poker Enthusiasts

Pocket52 has announced the launch of its ‘Pocket52 Royalty Rewards’ program – an innovative loyalty program that offers a range of exciting benefits and rewards, across all skill levels.

“Pocket52 aims to build a rewarding and long-term partnership with Poker enthusiasts. The introduction of Royalty Rewards is a win-win for both the Poker community and the brand. Now every user can enjoy some of the best rakebacks - as high as 60%. The new program provides an enhanced user experience and is simple to use too, thus, making the journey of the users all the more rewarding. To add to this, a series of exciting app features and design related development announcements are on our roadmap for 2023.” said Harish Rawat, SVP – Marketing.

A standout feature of the Pocket Royalty Rewards program is the ability for users to start earning rewards from their first game irrespective of whether they win or lose.  The program offers exclusive rewards on all games, real-time updates on coin generation and redemption amounts, and automatic redemption of coins on a weekly basis. Moreover, users can redeem coins anytime based on their convenience. They will never lose their rewards or progress if they do not play for a certain period thanks to the ‘no downgrade’ policy.

Joining the Pocket Royalty Rewards program is easy. Users simply need to make their first deposit and start playing on the poker game tables. Every time they play, they generate pocket coins that can be redeemed for fantastic rewards. Moreover, redeeming pocket coins is straightforward with a simple click of the "Redeem Now" button on the Home or Royalty Rewards screen. The corresponding prize is transferred to the users’ ‘My Rewards’, which can be used to play games on Pocket52 or withdrawn directly to their bank account. Irrespective of whether users are well seasoned or just starting out, the program is open to everyone and offers something for all.

Harish also added, "Our users have shown immense support for our platform, and we are proud to be a part of so many Poker users’ journey. A better rewards program will not only impact our existing users but also every new user who joins our platform. We look forward to making this growth journey with the continued support of all our users – old and new."

For more information about the Pocket Royalty Rewards program and to start playing, visit www.pocket52.com.

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