Kwalee Launches Mind Games

Kwalee Launches Mind Games

Kwalee has announced the launch of ‘Mind Games’, a transformative new approach to game development that lets game designers create games solely through the power of thought. Everything from model creation, animation and code can be built using the new Launches Mind Games

It combines Kwalee's proprietary K.A.I. program — an employee initiative that encourages them to pitch A.I. ideas to augment the business — with the incredible power of the human mind. With 'Mind Games' developers can create games using nothing but their thoughts, removing the need for traditional input devices.

'Mind Games' represents the culmination of years of research and development by Kwalee's team of engineers and designers. By integrating A.I. technology with cutting-edge ‘Fast Organic Open Loop’ (F.O.O.L) technology, Kwalee has created a platform that is poised to transform the games industry and open up new possibilities for creativity, innovation, and transformation across multiple digital industries.

Harry Lang, Vice President of Marketing at Kwalee, added:-

"We're incredibly excited about the potential of 'Mind Games'. This is a truly groundbreaking technology that has the power to revolutionise the games industry and open up new possibilities for creativity and innovation. We see ‘Mind Games’ as a positive rather than a source of existential horror and we’re excited to see how people react to the thousands of games Kwalee will be able to think into reality every week when we bring it to the mass market.”

We reached out to the Head of Programming for a comment, but it seems the entire team had vanished from Kwalee’s HQ. Rumours suggest the team just noped out of the 'Mind Games' test session before its official unveiling, stating:-

“Why on earth would we even build this thing!?” 

Despite this negativity, Kwalee is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in games innovation, and with 'Mind Games' they’re taking a giant leap forward in their quest to create the next generation of games, thus transforming the mobile, PC and Console gaming markets - hopefully without any nefarious consequences.

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