Thermaltake Unveils GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit and Triple Racing Monitor Stand

Thermaltake Unveils GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit and Triple Racing Monitor Stand

Thermaltake is proud to announce that the GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit and the Triple Racing Monitor Stand are now ready for purchase. Moving beyond the conventional PC gaming setup, racing simulators redefine the gaming environment allowing you to feel like you are driving a racing car on a real racetrack in an indoor entertainment space easily. Create your simulators with the Thermaltake racing ecosystem, or take it one step further and match them with a VR headset like the Meta Quest 3, fully immersing the thrill of fast and furious racing!

GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit

Thermaltake GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit is designed for racing enthusiasts to experience authentic feel of racing. It comes with a racing-like bucket design and is made with a fiberglass seat, ensuring a premium seating experience. The adjustable seat allows you to glide forward & back, and recline, providing an ideal driving position for long gaming hours. The GR500 is crafted with a sturdy aluminum profile, steel structure, and anti-tip bracket, guaranteeing stability and safety. To make your racing simulator sleek, the base of the GR500 features RGB Lighting Strips including 20 lighting effects. If you switch to Rhythm Pickup mode, the lighting can even dynamically change with music. Additionally, Thermaltake GR500 has universal hardware compatibility that supports mainstream wheels, gear shifters, and pedals from Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and more, allowing you to build an ideal racing simulator with high customization.

Triple Racing Monitor Stand

The Triple Racing Monitor Stand is designed for seamless integration with the GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit, enabling the racing gaming scene a wide viewing. The monitor stand is made of powder-coated finish steel and features a fine texture black. It can accommodate up to three 32โ€ monitor installations such as Thermaltake TGM-I27FQ Gaming Monitors and TGM-V32CQ Curve Gaming Monitors. Furthermore, the Triple Racing Monitor Stand supports VESA standard sizes in 75x75 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x100 mm, and 200x200 mm, providing maximum compatibility. To pursue an optimal viewing position, the stand includes height settings of 920mm/970mm and 60ยฐ of screen rotation, alongside a backward folding design for efficient space management.

Features of the GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit:

Professional Racing Experience

Thermaltake GR500 is designed for passionate racing enthusiasts who enjoy the excitement of the track. We are committed to recreating the authentic feeling of racing and redefining your gaming environment from then on. You will see an unprecedented dimension of simulated racing, subverting your previous experience.

Experience Immersive VR Racing with Meta Quest 3

GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit can transform your room into any race track in the world. Paired with Meta Quest 3, it breaks the boundary between gaming and reality, allowing you to indulge in an otherworldly racing experience.

Best Seat to Start Your Race

To pursue a more realistic racing experience, the seats are made with fiberglass and adopt a racing-like bucket design. They provide glides for forward & backward movement, as well as recline adjustments for ideal driving position over long gaming hours.

Tough & Sturdy

The GR500 is equipped with a sturdy aluminum profile and steel structure, offering exceptional rigidity and stability for a long-hour gaming environment.

Keep It Cool, Keep it Sleek

GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit comes with a RGB Lighting Strip. Take it a step further and choose between 2 modes (Normal mode / Rhythm Pickup mode) and 20 different lighting effect settings.

Customize Your Cockpit

Compatible with most wheels, gear shifters and pedals including Logitech, Fanatec,Thrustmaster and more. The wheel and pedal mount provide multiple angle adjustments to fit your most suitable driving posture. Also, based on personal preferences, the gear shifter mount can be installed on both the left and right sides.

Features of the Triple Racing Monitor Stand: 

An Immersive Way to Experience Racing

The Thermaltake Triple Racing Monitor Stand is perfectly compatible with the GR500 Racing Simulator Cockpit, providing a complete three-monitor installation solution for serious racing gamers.

Best Monitor Mounting Solution

The Thermaltake Triple Racing Monitor Stand is made of powder-coated finish steel with up to three 32โ€ monitors installation. The mount supports VESA standard sizes: 75x75 mm, 100x100 mm, 200x100 mm, 200x200 mm.

Create Your Immersive Space

The triple racing monitor stand features a wide range of adjustability, making it easy for gamers to get the best viewing position. Supports height adjustment of 920mm/970mm and 60ยฐ screen rotation. Also, it provides the function of folding backwards, providing excellent flexibility for your space configuration.

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