Sony Introduces BZ53L 98" Display with Non-Glare Deep Black Coating to Pro BRAVIA Series

Sony Introduces BZ53L 98" Display with Non-Glare Deep Black Coating to Pro BRAVIA Series

Sony India’s family of professional BRAVIA displays is expanding with a new 98 (248.92 cm) option, the BZ53L. Ideal for corporate, education, and retail applications, the display incorporates Sony’s innovative Deep Black Non-Glare Coating technology as well as additional features. The 98(248.92 cm) model complements Sony’s existing Deep Black Non-Glare options which include 55 (139.7 cm), 65 (165.1 cm), 75 (190.5 cm), and 85 (215.9 cm) choices.

Sony's unique Deep Black Non-Glare Coating offers low reflection while maintaining deep blacks, high contrast, and precise image quality. It addresses common concerns related to digital signage being displayed in challenging, high ambient light, or direct lighting environments. This technology combines minimal glare and low reflection, which in turn boosts content.   

"For last few years, our Pro BRAVIA displays have been instrumental in meeting the needs of our customers and their audiences, continually evolving to address their demands. The introduction of our series with Deep Black Non-Glare Coating has received excellent feedback, with customers praising the improved visibility, reduced reflections, and overall performance. With the addition of 98 (248.92 cm) model, the series now offers a comprehensive range of sizes, ensuring versatile installation options that accommodate various lighting conditions and spaces," said Tomohiro Nakashima, Deputy Managing Director, Sony India.

Built upon the robust usability, installation flexibility, picture quality, and sustainability common to Sony’s professional BRAVIA display products, the BZ53L will provide superior picture quality that attracts and immerses viewers. This model will feature a 4K 120 Hz panel, providing a high refresh rate, which will help to smoothly present motion. It will incorporate the XR TRILUMINOS™ Pro effect, which reproduces a wider, more precise range of colors, as well as 780 nits to support high brightness.

Also contributing to this BRAVIA’s superior image quality is its Full Array Local Dimming [FALD] backlight. Additionally, the BZ53L will support powerful 24/7 operation and Pro Mode for simplifying customized settings. 

The user-friendly BZ53L model is also easy to install, with options for portrait and tilt configuration, handles for easy transport, a discreet logo position, and convenient accessibility to the display’s multiple terminals. It also supports Apple AirPlay2 and Google Chromecast as well as Google Meet.

Additional highlights of this display include a Software API function, which allows users to connect their own devices directly to the display. Users can also easily access the complimentary digital signage player, BRAVIA Signage Free (BSF) app, by installing it to a USB flash drive from a B2B BRAVIA. The BZ53L uses recycled plastic materials and packaging, and has Power-Saving Mode, which reduces power consumption by enabling the displays to power off when not in use.

Price Availability 

The BZ53L professional BRAVIA display will be available in India from 15th July 2024 onwards and is priced at Rs. 20,00,000 (inclusive of taxes).

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