RAEGR Introduces ‘MagFix MM60’ Cable Organizer Dock

RAEGR Introduces ‘MagFix MM60’ Cable Organizer Dock

Apple users will relate to this — excessive cable lengths with the MagSafe wireless chargers when used on the table or when carried along in a bag pack resulting in tangled wires, and leading to wear and tear. To get around this, users usually wrap them around themselves, creating more mess.

To ensure the cable stays safe and untangled, RAEGR launches the MagFix MM60 Cable Organizer Dock for Apple MagSafe and RAEGR MagFix Chargers. It’s a simple, yet versatile solution to safeguard your cables from damage and extend their life.

The MagFix MM60 Cable Organizer Dock is a must-have investment for every Apple product user. It’s a very simple innovation that consists of a soft silicone dock that houses the original Apple MagSafe or RAEGR MagFix wireless charger dock in the center and allows the cable to be neatly wrapped or tucked around the sides when in use or kept away.

The cable and dock stay entirely protected while keeping your desk neatly organized and neat. You don't have to worry about the trouble caused by too long and knotted charging cables. Weighing just 68g, it’s made using TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) + PC (Polycarbonate), and is extremely thin, light, and portable. The highly durable silicone is soft and anti-slip and is completely washable. The MagFix MM60 silicone protective case is specially tailored for Apple MagSafe chargers, and is compatible with RAEGR’s MagFix Arc M920 too.

The RAEGR MagFix MM60Cable Organizer Dock for Apple MagSafe Chargers will be available for just INR 799 on Raegr.com and Amazon.in.

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