Infinix Launches INBook X3 Slim, Powered by Intel 12th Gen Processor

Infinix Launches INBook X3 Slim, Powered by Intel 12th Gen Processor

Infinix is set to redefine the laptop experience yet again with the launch of its 12th Gen 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim series. A pinnacle of fusing technology with design elegance, the latest marvel from Infinix is poised to captivate the senses of discerning consumers by seamlessly integrating technological prowess with aesthetic elegance. Carrying forward the legacy of innovation, 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim promises to elevate user experiences to unprecedented heights.

With a starting price of just INR 27,990*, the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim series seeks to fulfill Infinix's commitment of delivering pioneering features that resonate with customer desires and feedback. The series is an embodiment of Infinix's unwavering pledge to provide newcomers in the professional realm and college scholars alike, a gateway to affordable, high-performance devices that mirror their vibrant lifestyles.

A Union of Form and Function:

The 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim heralds a new era in sleekness and portability, bearing the torch of the slimmest laptop in its segment, boasting an astonishing 14.8 mm slimness. Weighing a mere 1.24 kg, it stands as the epitome of ultralight design, ready to accompany its users on every journey. Encased in a robust yet featherlight alloy metal body, the laptop offers both resolute build quality and streamlined elegance. The inclusion of a backlit keyboard ensures seamless productivity even in dimly lit environments, making it a versatile choice for both home and office use. Available in four vivacious hues – Red, Green, Silver, and Blue – the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim  doesn't just remain a device, but a fashion statement.

Breathtaking Visuals, Uncompromised Performance:

The 14-inch FHD display on the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim is a canvas of brilliance, boasting a 100% sRGB color gamut that engulfs users in a world of vibrant and lifelike hues. With up to 300 NITS of peak brightness and ultra-slim 4.7 mm bezels, the visual experience is elevated to an unprecedented zenith, redefining the boundaries of immersion. Featuring a cutting-edge Dual Star Light Flash 1080P Webcam, the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim  is primed for high-quality video calls that transcend the virtual realm. It's a leap forward in communication technology, accentuating every detail even in low-light scenarios, making your interactions memorable.

Power Unleashed with Battery that Lasts:

The laptop boasts a colossal 50Wh all-day battery that offers upto 11 hours of uninterrupted web browsing, upto 9 hours of video playback, and upto 9 hours of regular work. Empowering this further is the 65W EASYCARRY TYPE-C PORT, your gateway to swift charging that matches your pace.

Engineered to cater to the dynamic needs of the modern user, the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim  is fortified with the sheer might of a 12th Gen Intel Core Processor that scales up to an exhilarating frequency of 4.4GHz. This ensures seamless multitasking, graphics-rich endeavors, and lag-free computing. Empowering your ambitions further, the laptop offers up to 16GB of RAM, underpinning its promise of unbridled performance.

Storage Redefined:

Bid farewell to sluggish load times and cumbersome data management with the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim 's up to 1TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD storage. It guarantees lightning-fast data access, quick application launches, and fluid computing experience, propelling you into the future of storage innovation.

Sound that Echoes Brilliance:

Experience audio like never before with the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim 's Dual stereo speaker + DTS audio system, designed to offer an immersive auditory journey. From thunderous lows to crystalline highs, the laptop is a sonic masterpiece that transforms your space into a concert hall.

Unmatched Value with Three Variants:

The 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim series is designed to cater to diverse needs. Choose from three powerful variants – i3, i5, and i7 – each tailored to provide the computing power you need.

As Infinix continues to set new benchmarks in the world of laptops, the 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim  series serves as a beacon of technological excellence, an embodiment of elegance, and a true companion for those who seek to carve their path in the modern world. Experience the future of computing – stylish, powerful, and affordable – with 12th Gen INBook X3 Slim.

*inclusive of bank and exchange offers.

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