CoMica Launches Professional Microphones, Designed for Vlogging

CoMica Launches Professional Microphones, Designed for Vlogging

Toss out the idea of vlogging with those ugly wired and wireless microphones. Origin Marketing brings to India one of the best camera and smartphone microphones from Comica for beginners to professional vloggers out there. Check out the CVM-V30 LITE and VM10 Pro microphones from CoMica which guarantees crystal clear audio capture for almost all your videos, whether you shoot them using your smartphone, camcorder, or DLSRs. The CMV-30 Lite is a simple, yet powerful super-cardioid shotgun mic that works with both smartphones and cameras, while the VM10 Pro takes it to another level with dual-mode (digital and analog) outputs, built-in pre-amp, and gain control for a professional home studio.     

COMICA CVM-V30 LITE is a Super-Cardioid Condenser On-Camera Shotgun Microphone designed for use with cameras, smartphones, and DSLRs, equipped with a straightforward 3.5mm audio jack. Its simplicity extends to universal compatibility, facilitated by a toggle switch (Camera/Phone) on the body. The CVM-30 Lite seamlessly works with iPhones, Androids, Cameras, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, and any other device featuring a 3.5mm mic jack. Ideal for enhancing YouTube Vlogs, interviews, and more, it operates without batteries, eliminating the need for recharging before shooting.

The microphone incorporates a unique shock-absorbing mount design that effectively minimizes unwanted vibrational and handling noises. With outstanding off-axis rejection for targeted sounds, the cardioid mic utilizes its polar pattern to concentrate on audio from the subject in front while diminishing undesirable environmental noises. This results in professionally polished videos that sound refined without the necessity for additional audio editing software.

COMICA VM10 PRO is the ideal choice for those who approach their work with dedication, especially when operating from a home studio. This kit encompasses various features essential for a compact studio setup at home or in the office. The VM10 Pro is equipped with dual outputs, catering to diverse needs. Functioning as a versatile video microphone, it seamlessly transitions between digital and analog output modes, offering compatibility with an array of devices such as cameras, smartphones, computers, and those employing 3.5mm and/or USB interfaces.

An indispensable tool for recording videos for Meetings, YouTube, Podcasts, and Vlogs, the VM10 Pro facilitates real-time audio monitoring, allowing immediate assessment of recording quality or live testing during recordings. The VM10 Pro boasts step-less gain control in digital mode, featuring a built-in preamp that enables real-time volume adjustments to suit your shooting requirements. This feature provides comprehensive control over your audio input. The cardioid microphone excels at capturing clear audio from the subject in front while effectively reducing ambient noises, ensuring professional sound quality for your videos. Finally, the lightweight all-metal design ensures durability and portability, making it easy to carry wherever you go. An essential addition to every vlogger's kit, the VM10 Pro is perfect for on-the-go video recording.

“We are delighted to bring CoMica to India, a renowned manufacturer of professional audio equipment in the industry. Adding two new CoMica microphones to our existing lineup of top-notch audio gear from various leading brands, we are excited to assist aspiring individuals in the burgeoning vlogging industry in achieving professional-quality videos effortlessly.

The CVM-V30 Lite stands out as an excellent option for those frequently on the go, ensuring no compromise on audio quality during outdoor shoots. On the other hand, the VM10 Pro caters to the professional in-house video producer, empowering you to make a mark in the industry with the quality you rightfully deserve,” exclaimed Director of Origin Marketing, Mr Manish Gupta, at the announcement.

The CoMica CVM-V30 Lite is available in two colours, Black and Red, for an MRP of INR 4,790, while the CoMica VM10 Pro is available for an MRP of INR 5,990. The microphones are now available on and

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