CableEZ Introduces EZMount for Tangle-Free Cable Management

CableEZ Introduces EZMount for Tangle-Free Cable Management

CableEZ recently unveiled its latest innovation, the CableEZ Self-Adhesive EZMount on the Bald AV Guys Cables, Coffee, & Curveballs show. This is CableEZ’s latest innovation in their captive cable mount product line. The EZMount allows users to effortlessly and cleanly secure a cable to a display without the need for tools or infrastructure changes. 

“For classrooms, corporate, and hospitality environments this is a real problem-solver. Whether it's a portable TV, concrete wall space, or any area where traditional cable installations are challenging, this mount provides an efficient solution. Schools and hotels are currently using this to protect the connections on their portable displays, this allows the same secure clean and convenient connection as the wall mounted CableEZ solution, just located quickly and easily on the portable display,” says Jeremy Meyer, Co-Owner of CableEZ. “The last thing you need in a classroom or meeting room is for a student or guest to walk past the display and make contact with the cable hanging out of the display and disconnect it, or even worse damage it. Especially if this is your brand new high priced interactive touch display.”

“Maybe you have a portable TV, maybe a temporary space where you can’t or don’t want to install permanent infrastructure, maybe it’s a difficult wall location or concrete.  Sometimes you just need a way to cleanly secure a cable to a display quickly. And without any tools! We think this product offers a unique solution to further our mission to “Tame Those AV Cables”, says Jeff VandeHoef, Co-Owner of CableEZ.

Key Features of the CableEZ EZMount:

  • “EZ” Installation: No tools or infrastructure changes required, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

  • Versatile: Ideal for portable TVs, concrete walls, and locations where traditional cable installations are impractical or undesired.

  • Clean and Secure Connection: Ensures a secure, clean, and convenient connection of the CableEZ system.

  • Perfect for Schools, Offices, Hotels, and more: Protects connections on portable displays, preventing accidental disconnections or damage.

  • Permanent Attachment: Quickly attaches to the display using 3M's VHB tape for a secure and long-lasting connection.

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