ASUS Launches All-new Marshmallow Keyboard and Mouse

ASUS Launches All-new Marshmallow Keyboard and Mouse

ASUS announced the Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 and Marshmallow Mouse MD100, the perfect pair for your quiet computing needs. The KW100 is a compact, wireless keyboard with silent switches that are designed to reduce noise by up to 90%. It is also equipped with a 2-level adjustable kickstand, so you can find the perfect typing angle. The MD100 is a small, lightweight, and quiet mouse that is perfect for use in any environment.

The MD100 also features silent switches that reduce noise by up to 90%. This makes it ideal for use in libraries, classrooms, and other quiet environments. The new Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 is priced at INR 2899 and MD100 mouse is priced at INR 1499. The latest Marshmallow Range is available for purchase at online ASUS e-shop/ Amazon/ Flipkart and offline ASUS Exclusive Stores/ ROG Stores/Croma/Vijay Sales/Reliance Digital.

Arnold Su, Vice President - PC & Gaming Business, ASUS India, said, “The utility of a PC is enhanced by the accessories that complement it. Bearing this in mind, we have introduced the upgraded Marshmallow series keyboard and mouse, designed with a focus on silent use to minimize disturbance and enhance user focus and efficiency. The Marshmallow keyboard and mouse are crafted for seamless performance and beautiful design that embodies both functionality and aesthetics.”

ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100: A Quiet and Comfortable Typing Experience

The ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100 is a compact wireless keyboard with a subtle aesthetic design that can be used in any environment. It can connect up to 3 devices and is compatible to Windows, Chrome, MacOS, iOS systems. The notebook-like scissor keys and layout allow you to switch from notebook to this keyboard without frustrating learning period. Despite its lightweight and portable build, durability is ensured with a 10 million click lifespan. Users can enjoy up to 24 months* of battery life, enhancing convenience. ASUS Marshmallow Keyboard KW100’s subtle design with a pop of color that makes it a right fit for the young generation for their personality. The 12 hotkeys and ability to connect to multiple devices, allows for a versatility in use like no other.

The KW100 will provide for a quiet work environment, with the silent switches that reduce noise by up to 90% making it virtually silent to type on, ensuring minimal disturbance for you. The keyboard is also very comfortable to type on, thanks to its compact design and 2-level adjustable kickstand for the perfect typing angle.

ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100: A Colorful, compact and portable option

The ASUS Marshmallow Mouse MD100 is a vibrant, lightweight mouse tailored for the young generation and students. Its colorful and changeable design adds a playful touch. With a symmetrical shape, it ensures comfortable use for both left and right-handed individuals. Weighing just 56g and standing under 3 cm tall, it's effortlessly portable.  The quiet-click buttons ensure noise reduction that is less than a whisper with <20 dB, and comes tested for 10 million clicks, to span a lifespan that can be used for years to come. Its light weight and comes with adjustable DPI, so you can vary the sensitivity based on your preference. The long battery life will last for a comfortable 12 months. With the inclusion of the strap in Marshmallow mouse. It becomes easier to carry by simply hooking the mouse with one finger using the strap.

Choose from multicolor sets and a Magnetic top cover, enabling you to switch hues to match your style. The antimicrobial guard ensures cleanliness by inhibiting bacterial growth on the surface. 100% PTFE mouse feet ensure smooth gliding over any surface. The MD100 is compatible with Windows, Chrome, and macOS, catering to various device preferences.

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