“Since Partnering With Micron, We Have Experienced Remarkable Revenue Growth”

“Since Partnering With Micron, We Have Experienced Remarkable Revenue Growth”

Micron is currently one of the leading storage solutions brands in India and provides reliable storage solutions for its large customer base across India. Micron has achieved a fairly good market share and continues to grow in a challenging market scenario. The company has levelled its growth through its efficient, effective and widely deployed channel network. To know about Micron’s significant rise in Bihar, DT exclusively talked to Arun Kumar Singh, Proprietor, Indian Pacific Technology. He commented on their partnership with Micron, product quality, service support and overall growth.

A Successful Business Partnership

Talking to DT on their business partnership with Micron, Arun Kumar Singh, Proprietor, Indian Pacific Technology said, “It has been around 4-5 years since we partnered with Micron, and our experience has been exceptional. Throughout this period, our business has flourished, achieving remarkable growth and outstanding results. Our partnership with Micron has been truly outstanding, and we are eager to continue this successful collaboration in the coming years. Since we began selling Micron's products, our performance has significantly improved. The demand for crucial SSDs and RAM is impressive, and we have witnessed substantial growth in this area.”

He further added, “Despite the high demand, Supertron Electronics, Micron’s national distributor, has been instrumental in maintaining a balanced inventory and meeting market needs efficiently. Their efforts have ensured that we can keep up with the growing demand without facing supply shortages. Our continued partnership with Micron is set to drive further growth and success, allowing us to meet the evolving needs of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of service and quality.”

Outstanding Sales

Sharing his pleasure about rising sale, he said, "Crucial by Micron products are highly reliable, boasting an almost zero failure rate, which makes selling them to our customers remarkably easy. These products cater to a diverse range of customers, including professionals, creators, and gamers. We offer Micron's external and internal SSDs, which are in high demand in Patna. Additionally, we stock Crucial RAMs for both gamers and professionals. The Crucial gaming RAMs are particularly outstanding, receiving excellent feedback from gamers who appreciate the enhanced performance they provide.

“One of the key factors that facilitate our sales is the fact that Micron manufactures its own products. When we inform customers that Micron is the manufacturer, they are more likely to trust and purchase the products. This trust, combined with the superior quality and performance of Micron's offerings, has significantly contributed to our success in selling their products,” he stated.

Excellent Service Support

“Micron offers excellent service support to its customers, which is quite unique in the market. While the product quality is undoubtedly very good, even if any product requires replacement, the process is handled efficiently and smoothly. The warranty service provided by Micron is exceptional, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed and resolved. This high level of service support not only enhances customer satisfaction but also strengthens the trust and loyalty that customers have in the brand. Micron's commitment to quality and customer service sets it apart in the industry, making it a preferred choice for many,” he commented.

Significant Revenue Growth

“Since partnering with Micron, we've experienced remarkable revenue growth. Our SSD sales have increased by an impressive 10-15%, while RAM sales have grown by 5-10%. This success is truly amazing, and it gives us great confidence in our future with Micron,” he concluded.

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