Lapcare Successfully Conducted Mega Dealer Conventions in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

Lapcare Successfully Conducted Mega Dealer Conventions in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

Lapcare conducted multiple Mega Dealer Conventions last month, in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. These series of events are part of Lapcare's Grand All India Roadshow campaign, designed with the aim of bonding with thousands of dealers, and members of the ICT fraternity, nationwide.

The current 1st Leg of the Roadshow was held in Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, VIjaywada and Guntur, in the second half of March 2023. Each event was attended by over 150 Dealers, coming from the host city, as well as from the wider district and surrounding districts. Lapcare’s South India Roadshow was supported by all regional IT Dealer Associations, including -- CITA (Coimbatore IT Assoc), CAMS (Madurai Computer Dealers Assoc) and Dr. NTR IT Assoc in Vijaywada. State-wide Dealers belonging to the genres of IT Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Mobility and Network equipment, got a chance to see and experience Lapcare’s wide, diverse and distinctive product range.

Lapcare is among the national leaders in multiple sectors, such as Laptop batteries, IT spares and peripherals. Following grand success and highly noteworthy Market penetration in the North and West Zones over the last 18 years, Lapcare had now made a strong foray into the lucrative Tamil Nadu and Andhra markets. In a live videocast from Delhi, Lapcare’s MD, Atul Gupta, assured the ICT fraternity of TN about his Company’s commitment to the state. He said, “Lapcare has strategically joined hands with multiple Distributors across the state, setup regional after-sales Service Centers, and also created a regional stock-hub. Our Sales, Marketing, Support and Logistics teams have dedicated manpower for the state. Our aim is to be the leading ICT Brand in the state within 2 years”.

During a detailed presentation Lapcare’s team showcased immense product variety, and underscored Lapcare’s salient differentiators like India based R&D, India based QC practices, TQM (total quality management), and advanced logistics whereby TN retail points can replenish stock within 24 hours. The Lapcare team also gave attendees a peek into the medium-term future, where new sub-genres of products are expected to hit the market, starting from the upcoming quarter. These include trendy lifestyle based genres like Sports Neckbands, Smart Watches (Wearable Computers) and smart speakers. President of CAMS Madurai, Mr. Saravanan, and President of CITA Coimbatore, Mr. Gunaseelan, both praised the efforts of the Lapcare Roadshow, and for spreading product awareness among all IT Traders and retailers in their State.

Authorized Distributor Lap Solution strongly supported the event in Madurai, and Thenali Infotech buoyed the Trichy event. The Coimbatore event had a special format wherein a detailed panel discussion was held on contemporary business and economic issues, before the presentation began. The latter was strongly supported by the authorized distributor in Coimbatore, Laptop World.

Madurai based IT Businessman Ganpath Solanki, who heads M/S Lap Solution remarked, “Quality has been the hallmark of Lapcare’s identity for years. Over the years I have faced a negligible number of complaints, because the products themselves are impeccable”. Lapcare is among an elite list of Brands who conduct R&D activities in India, and have an extensive Total quality management (TQM) process.

Lapcare’s large speakers (Twin Tower, Single Tower and Trolley) were kept on display and were stars of the show, much lauded by visitors. In a region that loves Cinema and Music, these products are public favorites. Awards were conferred to the Best Performers of 2022-23. This motivated those who missed out, to try harder in future, especially because Lapcare prides itself as being “the quintessential Dealer’s Brand”. New special offers were announced. Gala dinner and live entertainment followed.

Mr. Saravanan of Thenali Info Technology, Lapcare’s Trichy Distributor, said “Lapcare is now the preferred brand for our regional dealer community, poised to go even higher in the next financial year; the national logistics team is very efficient and Channel partners receive goods promptly”.

In early May, the Lapcare roadshow will recommence, this time there will be stops in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. The roadshow has received considerable media attention; all popular media in Tamil Nadu state have published the story.

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