“Crucial by Micron Offers Excellent Products That Meet The Needs & Expectations of Every Customer”

“Crucial by Micron Offers Excellent Products That Meet The Needs & Expectations of Every Customer”

The Indian market for storage solutions is experiencing rapid growth due to the increasing digitalization trend. This growth has been particularly noticeable in the last few years, as various industries and consumer segments like gaming, content creation, and professionals continue to drive demand for storage solutions. The competition in the Indian storage solution market is fierce, with both domestic and global players vying for market share.

Micron, a leading and rapidly growing storage brand, has effectively captured a significant market share through its marketing strategies and high-performance storage devices. Micron has a strong presence in Kolkata and has appointed excellent partners in the region to support its growth. To gain insights into the Kolkata market landscape and Micron's expanding footprint, DT recently interacted with Manjesh Kumar Sharma, Partner at IGen Technologies Pvt Ltd. Read the exclusive story below to know more about the company.

Outstanding Business Partnership with Micron

iGen Technologies is a valuable partner of Micron in Kolkata and it is continuing to help the brand to gain large consumer base. While talking to DT about the business partnership, Manjesh Kumar Sharma, Partner, IGen Technologies Pvt Ltd said, “We have been associated with Micron since last 3 years. Our business has achieved great heights as we are able to connect with a large customer base. Crucial by Micron is leading the market through competitive price and excellent product quality. So we always remain very much excited to sell Micron products. We are getting good support from the local team which ultimately boosts our confidence. This partnership has helped us immensely and we want to continue this association in the future. The storage solution market is growing at good pace and we believe that the market will grow further. Crucial is the number one brand in India and we feel very honoured to sell their products to our customers.”

Excellent Product Quality and Service

Good product quality and customer service support are two critical factors that can lead to the success of any business. Putting across his views about the product and services being offered by Micron, Manjesh said, “Crucial by Micron has become a household name among Indian customers. The key reason behind such popularity and success is great product quality and competitive price. There is no other brand who can give competition to Micron when it comes to offering quality at affordable price. We have been receiving outstanding response from the market since we started this brand. Also, Crucial by Micron’s RAM & SSDs are highly popular among content creators and gamers who work on high-end PCs. The capabilities of Micron’s high-performance storage solutions place them above all. Crucial by Micron offers excellent products that meet the needs and expectations of every customer.”

He further added, “As far as customer support is concerned, Crucial by Micron leaves no stone unturned in offering best possible service support. The strong focus on providing the seamless customer experience has helped Micron to become the preferred choice of every customer. We don’t see any complaint regarding Micron’s products and this is the best thing about brand Micron.”

Best Support

Adequate brand support from the local team to regional partners is very critical. It helps channel as well as brand to ensure success in longer run. Briefing about the support from Micron team, Manjesh said, “Crucial by Micron is very responsive to all our needs. We get best possible support from team Micron whenever there is any requirement related to product knowledge, marketing materials or inventory. We work together with transparency and good mutual trust to address the ever-increasing market demand.”

“We also get on time inventory as per our requirement. The national distributors of Micron are efficient enough to deliver the products to us without any challenges. We haven’t faced any supply chain issues so far and we believe that Micron is building its supply chain network very strong to make its products available across all regions in India,” concluded by Manjesh.

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