“The Government Has Prepared A Budget Considering The Development Of The Country”

“The Government Has Prepared A Budget Considering The Development Of The Country”

Ever since the budget session 2023-2024 has been delivered by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, firms and IT experts are analysing the announcements made by the government, especially in favour to boost technical market in the country. In this regards, Rajiv Khanna, Media Advisor, Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT) has shared his statement regarding the budget, he said, “Even after nine years of governance and a year ahead of the elections, the government has prepared a budget considering the development of the country as priority and not to target the vote bank.”

He further added, “As I belong to the field of Information Technology, I can say that government is quite positive about IT sector. In order to become the world leader through digital revolution, the government has made many proposals in this budget, such as, building three Artificial Intelligence manufacturing centre is foremost of them.”

 “Reductions in custom duty have been made on LED panels for the IT sector in the country, startup setups have been exempted from tax for one more year, few more schemes are prepared for those working on information technology, that will be completely beneficial for IT sector and will generate profit; such as, National Digital library, Digital Training for Farmers, Archaeological data digitalization and Artificial intelligence system centers setup,” he stated.

Government shows great intentions in the budget to support agriculture technology startups by increasing Agriculture Credit Target to ₹20 lakh crores, keeping dairy, animal husbandry and fisheries on focus. The finance minister also announced about PM Matsya Sampada Yojana, a new government scheme with ₹6000 crores of targeted investment. 63,000 units of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies will also be computerised with investment worth ₹2,516 crores.

He said, "63,000 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies are being computerized with investment of Rs. 2,516 crores; model bylaws were formulated for PACS, national database is being prepared, with this, massive decentralized storage capacity to be set up."

“7000 crore investment plan is made to set up e-courts. In this way, there are many schemes that have been brought to support the growth of IT sector,” Rajeev concluded.

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