PACT Welcomes Vikas Narang as New President, Announced New Executive Body

PACT Welcomes Vikas Narang as New President, Announced New Executive Body

Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT) has successfully concluded the Annual General Body Meeting at Barog Heights, Himachal Pradesh. The meeting brought together representatives from all association members of PACT.

The key objective of the AGM was the election of a new Executive Body for the upcoming term, as the tenure of the previous body has been concluded. The proceedings commenced with an opening address by Mr. Supreet Singh Walia, who extended a warm welcome to the representatives from various cities. This set the tone for a collaborative and insightful discussion on PACT's role and the prevailing business landscape.

Throughout the meeting, speakers from different cities shared their perspectives, emphasizing their unwavering support for PACT and providing valuable insights into the current business scenario. The engagement demonstrated a unified commitment among members to foster the growth and development of the association.

Chairman and other senior members were welcomed by various city presidents on the main stage. A special recognition was extended to Mr. Yogesh from C&C, with Sunny Ji, Sanjiv Walia Ji, Inder Mohan Bhaskar Ji, and Gurpreet Singh Jagdev Ji presenting him with a momento in appreciation of his steadfast support to PACT.

Outgoing President, Gurpreet Singh Jagdev took a moment to highlight the achievements and expressing gratitude to the entire membership and his team for their unwavering confidence and support. In recognition of his outstanding contributions as President, Mr. Jagdev was presented with an Appreciation momento.

The highlight of the AGM was the announcement and unanimous approval of the new Executive Body. Chairman Sunny Ji proposed the names, which were seconded by Chairman Sanjiv Walia Ji. All the members approved the proposed names through a voice vote. The newly elected team is poised to lead PACT into its next phase of growth.

The New Executive Body for the upcoming term comprises

·       President - Vikas Narang (NV Computers, Amritsar)

·       Sr. Vice President - Prem Saini (Nice Computers, Hoshiarpur)

·       Vice President - Rahul Garg (RK Enterprises, Sangrur)

·       Vice President - Varinder Bansal (Mascot Enterprises, Bathinda)

·       Vice President - Davinder Singh Walia (Crown Computer Trade Links, Patiala)

·       Vice President - Supreet Singh Walia (Touch Automation, Jalandhar)

·       General Secretary - Devinder Mehandru (3CM, Ludhiana)

·       Media Advisor - Rajiv Khanna (ITPro, Jalandhar)

·       Treasurer - Sanjay Nanda (Computer Concepts, Pathankot)

·       Media Advisor - Satpal Singh (Sun Solutions, Ludhiana)

·       Jt. Secretary - Vishu Middha (Computer Care, Abohar)

Executive Members

·       Jagmohan Kapoor (High-performance Computer, Amritsar)

·       Ram Sharma (Sehaj Peripherals Solutions, Ludhiana)

·       Hitesh (JD Computer, Jalandhar)

 The members expressed confidence in the newly elected body and pledged their continued support for the advancement of PACT's objectives. As PACT enters this new chapter, the association remains dedicated to support the industry growth.

The Annual General Body Meeting concluded on a high note with thanks note by Gurpreet Singh Sunny ji, Sanjiv Walia ji, Gurpreet Singh Jagdev ji and newly elected President Vikas Narang ji and a seamless transition to the new Executive Body.

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