CIO Association And DataStax Join Forces To Enhance India’s Digital Potential

CIO Association And DataStax Join Forces To Enhance India’s Digital Potential

DataStax announced that it has entered into a partnership with the CIO Association, India’s association of Chief Information officers, to bring the latest open-source data technologies to the Indian business landscape. The joint initiative will enable CIO Association members to leverage DataStax technology within their organizations to build, smart, high-scale applications, and enable real-time AI. 

The partnership aims to co-develop an incubation program that enables participating organizations to mobilize real-time data, and quickly build the smart, high-scale applications required to become data-driven businesses. Additionally, DataStax will support the CIO Association with monthly engagements, support digital transformation initiatives, and development teams with application development, ICT and big data. This partnership comes at an especially important time as the country is looking to digitize critical sectors like agriculture, education, and healthcare to enhance service delivery and efficiency in line with the Digital India program. 

To support members' efforts in utilizing DataStax solutions, the company will host training and certification programs that will equip participants with sought-after data skills. Right now, both parties are aiming to issue up to 10,000 certifications within the first three years. 

"While India has made significant strides in transitioning economic activities to the digital realm, organizations are still in the early stages of developing expertise to leverage technological advancement for better business outcomes," said Umesh Mehta, President, CIO Association. "Our partnership with DataStax represents a strategic initiative that empowers our members with the capabilities to build unique and engaging services that will draw in new customers, while retaining existing ones. This, in turn, allows us to fulfill Digital India's vision of making technology a key contributor to economic success." 

DataStax also looks to support various events hosted by the association, giving the company a platform to showcase their solutions and their use cases. 

"With the need for organizations to build customer loyalty, digital transformation and data have become the go-to solutions in enabling them to adapt to a changing business environment," said Deb Dutta, General Manager, Datastax. "We are excited to work with CIO Association members in providing their organizations with a range of opportunities and trends that can lead to business growth. We also hope that after seeing the success of this project, more organizations will be encouraged to join in the digital bandwagon." 

The digital force is strong in India 

India's digital revolution is pushing local businesses to deliver new, innovative offerings faster, with the cloud offering avenues to boost efficiency and resiliency. According to IDC forecasts, 35 percent of Indian small- and medium-sized enterprises will migrate their workloads to cloud environments by next year

Through DataStax solutions like Astra DB, CIO Association members can leverage Apache Cassandra to simplify cloud-native application development, reduce time to install, deploy and scale from weeks to minutes. Because of its serverless nature, users can focus on coding without needing to manage infrastructure. 

"The partnership affirms our active commitment to accelerate the country's national digitization initiatives through the power of data," Deb Dutta added. "With the upcoming Cassandra Day taking place in India in June, we hope to provide a stepping stone for local businesses to unlock their true potential through data, and strengthen India's digital transformation efforts." 

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