ASIRT Successfully Conducted 113th TECHDAY and ACPL Season 5 Auctions

ASIRT Successfully Conducted 113th TECHDAY and ACPL Season 5 Auctions

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) conducted its marquee 113th TECHDAY and ACPL Season 5 auctions on 25th October 2023. TECHDAY is the flagship Information Exchange Monthly Event of ASIRT. This TECHDAY took place at Interlink Banquets, Vidya Vihar, Mumbai. The day was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as the tech-savvy community gathered to discuss industry trends and business opportunities.          

The event commenced with the ever-inspiring and smiling Harshad Thakkar as the Master of Ceremonies. He called upon stage ASIRT's President, Mr. Bharat Chheda.

Mr. Chheda shared insights into the recent efforts of the newly elected board and outlined the association's future. Members were informed about forthcoming activities, networking opportunities, and the organization's commitment to welcoming new members into the ASIRT family. President Chheda introduced various committees within ASIRT, including Media Interactions, Events, IT, and Membership, showcasing the dedicated individuals responsible for each segment.

The erstwhile ASIRT Management was applauded for their excellent work, owing to which SME Channels, a leading IT Media House in India, had conferred ASIRT with the Most Aggressive IT Associations in India.

Numeric UPS, a Legrand Brand, took center stage as the event's Gold sponsor. Their presentation highlighted growth prospects in power management solutions, providing ASIRT members valuable insights into emerging trends and opportunities.  

Associate Sponsor BD Software Distribution followed, focusing on cybersecurity solutions within their distribution portfolio. They emphasized how ASIRT members could leverage these solutions to expand their business offerings, meeting the evolving demands of the IT industry.

One of the most exciting segments of the day was the introduction of new ASIRT members who had joined within the last two months. Each member had the chance to present their organization to the audience, creating a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among the community.

The much-anticipated ASIRT Cricket Premier League (ACPL) Season 5 auctions were conducted enthusiastically, and the charismatic Tushar Shah assumed the role of auctioneer. Eight teams, represented by MDR, ITCG, Icons, Palo, Digicom, RAC IT, Miracle, and Sound Solutions, competed to secure the services of 10 players per team. The auction proceedings were lively, and some players even surpassed last year's bid amounts, reflecting the heightened competitiveness and enthusiasm of the event.

The TECHDAY concluded with an iconic photo session where each team proudly posed with their selected players, capturing the excitement and unity of the ASIRT community.

ASIRT members eagerly await the next TECHDAY, as it provides a unique opportunity for business growth and networking. The event is a platform where business owners and IT professionals unite to explore new horizons and stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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