ASIRT Successfully Concluded ITCG Synergy Biz Conclave 2023

ASIRT Successfully Concluded ITCG Synergy Biz Conclave 2023

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) marked yet another significant milestone in fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the Indian Digital landscape with the successful conclusion of the ITCG ASIRT Synergy Biz Conclave. Held from August 25th to August 26th at the picturesque Treat Resort and Spa in Gholvad, the conclave provided a unique platform for over 125 members of the association, along with distinguished sponsors specializing in Infrastructure Management, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, and Cloud Solutions, to converge, interact, and explore the dynamic frontiers of technology.

The event commenced with a symbolic Lamp Lighting ceremony, graced by the esteemed ASIRT Board members, Sponsors and Media, illuminating the path towards knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and progress. As the event unfolded, participants were immersed in insightful sessions presented by the event's sponsors. These sessions delved into cutting-edge trends and discussions in the realms of Infrastructure Management, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, and Cloud Solutions, providing attendees with a panoramic view of the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

ITCG was the title sponsor. Other sponsors included Sophos, AMD, QNAP, Nakivo, Aivid Techvision, Indio Networks Pvt Ltd, BD Software Distribution Pvt Ltd, Busy - Business Accounting Software and Sound Solutions. The Event Media Partners were NCN, CRN, SME Channels, VAR India, DigitalTech Media, Cell IT, and Digital Terminal.

The conclave not only facilitated the exchange of ideas but also offered a fertile ground for forging new alliances. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts had the opportunity to deliberate on the latest industry trends, envisioning the future trajectory of their businesses. Through engaging discussions and presentations, participants gained invaluable insights into the best practices, innovative strategies, and transformative technologies that are reshaping the IT sector.

One of the highlights of the event was the Gala Dinner Celebration Night, where participants continued to network and build relationships in a more relaxed setting. The event's overnight residential format added an immersive dimension to the experience, enabling attendees to engage in meaningful conversations beyond the confines of conventional business hours.

The ASIRT Synergy Biz Conclave 2023 would not have been possible without the dedicated support of the sponsors. These sponsors contributed significantly to the event's success by providing diverse perspectives, thought-provoking discussions, and actionable insights. Their expertise enriched the conclave, making it an enriching experience for all attendees.

The conclave exemplified ASIRT's commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and growth within the IT community. It served as a testament to the organization's role as a catalyst for change, empowering businesses to adapt, innovate, and excel in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Mr. Sanjay Ruparel, President, ASIRT, shared his thoughts on the event, stating, "The ASIRT Synergy Biz Conclave has once again showcased the power of collaboration and the boundless potential of the IT community in India. We are grateful to our sponsors, members, and partners for their unwavering support, and we remain committed to driving positive transformation within the industry."

As ASIRT continues its journey to empower IT professionals and enterprises, the success of the Synergy Biz Conclave serves as a foundation for future endeavors. Through events like these, ASIRT solidifies its position as a pivotal force that propels the Indian IT industry forward, inspiring innovation, fostering collaboration, and nurturing growth.

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