The eSports market has great potential in India from the past few years. The popularity of games like DOTA, CSGO, PUBG, and others among Indian youths has helped this market to grow at a good pace. Gamers are taking this as a full-time profession and leads to an increase in the number of serious gamers across all cities. The popularity of eSports tournaments is gradually rising in India and this has also fueled the growth of eSports industry. The demand for gaming PC and its component has increased drastically and eventually, there is a lot of scope for brands who are playing into this domain. AORUS, a premium gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE, a true market leader in offering the best quality components to gamers across India.  Mr. Sunil Grewal, Director, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd revealed his overall product and channel plans with DT in a recent exclusive interaction. 

DT: What are your plans to support growth of gaming market in India in coming months? 

Mr. Sunil: AORUS as a premium brand powered by GIGABYTE, we continually dedicating to use on and offline channels to engage with the gaming community. We focused on research and development and came up with AD27QD world’s first tactical gaming monitor, Z390 AORUS Xtreme Waterforce Motherboard, AORUS RGB M.2 NVMe SSD … targeting enthusiastic gamers. Besides, we hold multiple icafe events introducing the latest products and technologies. At the same time, AORUS can get real-time feedback from gamers. 

DT: How do work with gamers to boost their confidence in taking gaming as serious career opportunities? 

Mr. Sunil: GIGABYTE, as a PC hardware company, we are striving to provide gamer’s best solution to help them win the games. With this initiative, we provide the best products to assist the gamers and encourage their confidence while playing. Furthermore, through holding offline events, team AORUS interact with gamers directly. We have local community manager and event manager, who can help us to engage with hardcore gamers. Whoever has an interest in the gaming community and want to feedback any ideas or concept, can talk to them. On AORUS social media, we also post the popular content from the community to let more fans engage and grow with AORUS. 

DT: What all products do you have to offer serious gamers? 

Mr. Sunil: AORUS developed a variety of product lines. We had motherboard, graphic cards, monitor, SSD, case, keyboard, mouse, memory, mousepad, and other peripherals. AORUS not only want to be a product company but also want to create a gaming eco-system to help Indian Gamer’s to grow. 

DT: How do you support your channel partners to make them more aware about upcoming huge business opportunities in gaming Industry?

Mr. Sunil: We have great communication with our channel partners. When there is a new product launch, we not only work with certain Youtubers or media but also give products to them for review or content creation. With this corporation, our partners can know our product more and grow their channels at the same time.

DT: How do you maintain your market leadership and keep working to capture more market share in near future?

Mr. Sunil: Communication and open-minded is important. With gamers, influencers, Youtubers, media, partners, we continually communicate with them and get some feedback from them. In this way, we know what the good things are and what the things we may need to improve are.