TP-Link is an undisputed market leader in providing networking solutions for enterprise and homes. When TP-Link entered in the Indian market, it was not easy to gain foothold and give competition to other existing tech giants. But TP-Link made it very simple by just providing quality networking devices and gain massive growth in short span of time. Today TP-Link has a large network of potential channel partners who have made the reach of TP-Link across wider areas of India. With the help of various strategies and programs to grow in the subcontinent, TP-Link has maintained its leadership position in the market. Since Bijoy Alaylo took the charge as VP for SoHo Sales, he brought several potential schemes and policies which resulted in unprecedented growth.

Milestones Achieved

TP-Link has gained tremendous success in the last few years. The brand has set the benchmark by providing best quality products to a large customer base at an affordable price point.  TP-Link has come a long way deep inside the Indian market with the help of exceptional support from its partners and trust of its consumers. 

Bijoy Alaylo, VP SoHo Sales, TP-Link said, “We, of course, have made it to the top at a fast pace and able to maintain the growth even in the toughest time for the networking industry. Not counting in one particular achievement, TP-Link has been able to create a stable growth environment for its partners in the past and currently been able to give its partners a product mix and variety to reach into different segments of the networking industry. We as a team always strive to give more strength to our connected partners which we feel is the greatest achievement till date.”

Channel Bonding

In today’s digital era, where online distribution system in any industry has affected traditional partners. But brands have always understood the importance of such partners and hence stayed stronger with them in every situation. In IT, still traditional partners play a key role in establishing any brand.  These channel partners are still the strongest part of the overall IT distribution ecosystem. 

Bijoy Alaylo added, “We at TP-Link always give the traditional partners the credit to our success. As profitability is concerned we believe there is always an 80-20 ratio in the top selling vs profit scenario and TP-Link has a large number of product portfolio where partners can choose where they want to invest their efforts to earn better. This is apart from the regular schemes and incentive programs we run in the Channel. Growth is what partners do business for and we ensure if any partner shows willingness to put full focus on TP-Link we have growth structures and guidelines ready for them to scale up.”

Strategies to Grow Business

The competition has increased many folds and it is very complicated for the companies to operate business as they used to do sometimes back. Many companies do quality compromises to keep their products under affordability range but TP-Link has never compromised with its quality. 

Bijoy Alaylo said, “Our mission YOY remains to be the same, run a stable market – give an opportunity to partners willing to invest in the brand – keep deep diving in the Indian market to reach more and more consumers/clients. Our new introductions like the GPON / Business WiFi Solutions / Mesh WiFi Solutions will be the largest contributors to the next year target.”

TP-Link has been able to maintain their leadership position since long time due to their well-planned marketing strategy for the Indian market. The brand’s strategy to bring latest and innovative technology solutions for everyone’s networking need has really worked in their favor. Taking their legacy and commitment to the Indian market, TP-Link has rolled out many such innovative products in the market, which will definitely fuel their ambition to capture larger market share.  By 2020, the brand has already set its agenda to continue dominating the Indian market by offering a wide range of solutions to all verticals.