The New Era of Connected World

By: DT News Network
August, 03, 2017

Authored by Mr. Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder & CEO HelpMeBuild

Humanity has come a long way from being primitive to the industrial era, industrial era to the information era and is now fast proceeding towards a Connected era that has 'smart' everything as its core. The IoT (Internet of Things) has surpassed its primary stage and now we are looking at a world where Internet connected devices and sensors will be tracking and probably running each aspect of our lives. From retail habits to health & fitness and self-driven cars to smart homes, nothing has been left untouched by this revolution aimed at making lives easier, more functional and efficient.

IoT will give people a better control of their lives. The current working and methods are relatively manual. For instance, consider your regular day when you leave for work. Before leaving, you perform a plethora of chores that include making coffee, checking weather and traffic, switching off the lights, ensuring the security of the home and finding a parking spot. Enter smart devices that will make your coffee by the time you get ready, a mirror as you get ready lets you know the traffic and weather scenario for the day, the electronic appliances switch off automatically as you leave and the door locks itself. You don't have to waste time hunting for a parking spot because your self-driven car is equipped to locate the nearest parking spot, life would become so much easier when you don't have to worry about all things else.

Such systems have and are being developed by companies but to ensure the success rate of these devices, a world covered in sensors is required. A developed infrastructure of connectivity between the digital and the physical environment. Spatial analytics, advanced software solutions and prescriptive modeling tools can help us attain the perfect integration of the digital, physical and analytical world. A world, where devices powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) learn to adapt themselves to your habits, routine and schedule.

Along with this, there has been an outburst of internet connected devices like phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, wireless home appliances, sensors, monitoring systems and wireless terminals. The applications that these devices feature may vary from just being recreational to the services that are critical for the functioning of such devices and our socioeconomic infrastructure. But apart from these devices just being connected to the internet, the falling cost of processors can also facilitate their connectivity to each other. Wherein, each device has its sensors that collect the data about their environment which can be transmitted to another device. It could create a large bank of information where different devices can practically communicate with each other. Such a communicating network can convert cities into smart cities, vehicles into smart vehicles, homes into smart homes and eventually people into smarter people.

According to IT research company Gartner's, by the end of 2017, there will be 8.4 billion connected things, which is higher than the current population in the world. They predict that by 2020, 20.4 billion IoT devices would have been deployed which includes smart cars, industrial robots and many things that are yet to hit the markets. This new era of IoT is said to power the fourth generation of Industrial Revolution, steam, electricity and wired computers being the first three.

These IoT devices powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what sets them apart from all things else. This implementation has been possible through machine learning and natural language processing. Big tech giants have invested billions of dollars in the research and development of this technology to ensure a smooth sail for it in the future.

Nuovo, a Delhi based bootstrap startup has also successfully made a prototype of a smart touchscreen mirror that not just reflects what's in front of it but also presents the users with their social media updates, latest news, traffic and weather updates and YouTube surfing. Its interface also allows the users to book a cab on Uber. The best part about the mirror is its hands-free accessibility with voice control and the integration of AI that allows it to learn the user behavior and present the feed as per the user.

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