“Technology Is the Only Way to Battle the Growing Air Pollution Problem in India”

July, 25, 2018

Technology has helped us in many ways to evolve since so many decades. Tech products have become important part of our lives. Tech now also plays significant role in having good health for all of us in form of different gadgets and devices. Today we are living in a world where air quality is gradually getting very tainted and the pollution level in the air is rapidly increasing causing huge threats to our health. Again, technology here came as a boon to solve this health issue. The brand Airoshine has come up with great innovation in air purifier technology to help people fight this air pollution. The brand aims to provide best products to consumers who really care for their family. Mr. Raghav Gupta, CEO of Airoshine Air Purifier, reveals his vision and plan for this brand in India.

DT: How do you see the role of technology in fighting air pollution challenge in India?  

Mr. Raghav: Technology is the only way to battle the growing air pollution problem in India. 

To begin with we are now starting to monitor air pollution levels using outdoor as well as indoor air pollution monitors. We can now use various apps to see the pollution levels in different areas. This allows us to become aware of the problem and start taking measures to resolve the issues.  

Through the use of air purifiers equiped with True HEPA filters, which remove minute particles in the air, as well as activated carbon filters, which remove odours and gasses, along with cold/photocatalytic filters which remove noxious gasses from the air, we can now reduce the levels of indoor air pollution and breathe clean air inside our homes as well as in our cars.  

Going foward technology shall play a vital role, be it moving from coal powered to nuclear power plants, using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar and even switching to zero emmision electric vehicles. All of these are the only way to reduce air pollution in the long run.

DT: What has been your core idea / mission to start Airoshine brand? 

Mr. Raghav: Airoshine was started to battle poor indoor air quality affecting the health of our children, and the lack of availability of high quality and effective air purification systems at a reasonable price. 

Airoshine was started watching the suffering of our own children due to air pollution. Our mission has always been to try and provide children with clean air and reduce their suffering from the persistent coughs and wheezes that almost all young children in our city suffer from constantly.   

DT: There are many brands recently who started selling air purifier in Indian market. How does Airoshine make a difference by offering best & affordable solutions? 

Mr. Raghav: Airoshine is different from all other brands due to multiple factors. The first being that we are technologically far superior to all of the other brands out there. The reason being we have been the first to realize that India is far more polluted than the western world (which the other purifiers have been built for) and as such we require far more vigorous cleaning. Airoshine markets air purifiers with 8 levels of air filters, whereas our competition uses 2/3. This not only provides better quality of air but also elongates the life of the filters making the machines far more cost effective. Also, we are the only air purifiers with built in PM2.5 monitors, which allow you to see the exact level of air pollution in the room and also how effective the machine is. Recently we have also launched the Airoshine A-016 air purifier which has an inbuilt anti mosquito, which can drive away mosquitoes using an all-natural solution as opposed to using poisonous chemicals. In addition, we are also the most affordable solution, as we are marketing our machines at lower prices for a better product with lower recurring costs.  

DT: What are your plan to promote or boost awareness to use this device for better health at home or offices? 

Mr. Raghav: We are constantly trying to boost awareness amongst people. From informative posts and videos on social media, to even trying to make doctors aware of these solutions which can better the life of their patients. 

DT: How do you assure to offer best after sale support for your loyal customers? 

Mr. Raghav: We treat after sales support as paramount as we treat our air purifiers as medical devices, assuming that our customers may suffer adverse reactions to air pollution if the machines are not functioning properly. As such even all orders received online through our web portal are shipped via air, to ensure they reach the customers asap. Further we offer a 1-year warranty on all products.  In case of any issues or difficulties faced by any of our customers we try and ensure that an executive visit them on the same day and resolves the issue on the same day.   

DT: Please brief us about your distribution model. How do you plan to boost distribution of your products across India?  

Mr. Raghav: Currently we are selling our products exclusively online. Through our own web portal www.airoshine.com as well as through Amazon, along with any telephonic orders we may receive. This year we are venturing into the offline distribution as well. We are also targeting to enter into a few of the top electronic retail chains. 

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