In digital world, we all are very much concerned about our safety. For large organisations, there are people like CTOs or CIOs working to safeguard their digital assets. But as an individual there are very less awareness about their privacy & data theft concern in an era where cybercriminals are using latest and updated tools to invade your privacy. For them, securing such cyber-attacks are very challenging because lack of any solutions which can assure you a private digital world. To address these crucial challenges, Houm Technology has come up with its effective and innovative solutions to make this digital world much safer. Bijai K. Jayarajan, Founder & CEO, Houm Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. recently interacted exclusively with Rajeev Ranjan, Editor & Publisher, Digital Terminal and shared his overall view on current scenario and the solutions for internet users to make digital property more secured. Read below the excerpts: 

Rajeev: How do you see the rise in risk of becoming a victim of cyber-crime in today’s digitally empowered world, especially in India? 

Mr. Jayarajan: I would categorize this as potentially the highest risk that humanity is exposed to today, especially because of the increasing presence of ‘digital’ in all aspects of our lives. Technology plays an outsized role in all aspects of our lives today – starting from children’s education, healthcare, commerce, banking, travel, recreation to food. Given these are early days for all these industries to deal with technology, the security aspects are yet to be perfected, and as a result, we stand exposed to vulnerabilities at multiple levels on multiple aspects of our lives. 

Given India has been one of the fastest countries to adopt technology at large scale in comparison to the rest of the world, we haven’t had the time to evolve at the right and gentle pace, and that is likely to result in higher security disruptions. 

Rajeev: How does Houm Technology help users to effectively protect their valuable data on internet?

Mr. Jayarajan: To start with, the concept of ‘protect our valuable data’ does not exist today. The four odd billions of people who use the Internet are actually only ‘Users’ of the internet, and none of us actually own anything on the internet, and so, the idea of protecting the data that we don’t own is moot.

Houm Technology brings to consumers an innovative product that would allow each consumer to own a private piece of the internet, and they by, introducing for the first time, the concept of Private ownership on the internet. We believe that each person can protect his or her data only if he or she can own their data. By building a digital home on the internet, each end consumer of the internet will have the ability to own and protect his or her own data – for the first time!

Rajeev: What was your vision when you established Houm Technology?

Mr. Jayarajan: Our Vision is to bring back Privacy on the internet, by introducing the innovative concept of ‘private ownership’ of the internet. We believe that there is no reason for a few large corporations to own the internet and reduce a few billion people as mere users of the internet – there by making data privacy practically impossible. Instead, it is possible for everyone to actually own a private space on the internet legally and gain absolute privacy of the data that you store there, much like the privacy people across the world enjoy inside their physical home.

Rajeev: How do you plan to market your products for Indian customers? Which are your target verticals in India?

Mr. Jayarajan: Given the high relevance of technology in everybody’s lives today, a digital home is relevant and useful to every user of the internet. It is absolutely foolish of everyone to allow large companies to own your data. Hence, our product is relevant to every user of the internet. However, given this is an innovative product with a new concept, we are likely to target the early adopters of new technology – the tech savvy, heavy internet users in India.

Rajeev: What all investment you have already made or planning to do in near future for Indian market?

Mr. Jayarajan: We have already made over USD 3 million into the company. For the seed stage, this is a very high amount of investment. Additionally, while we are headquartered in Singapore, we have based our technology team in India via a contractual agreement. We are also in the early stage of infusing institutional capital into the company and are in talks with some of the large VC/Pes. With that investment completed, investment into India will go up multi fold.

Rajeev: How do you take care of post-sale support to customer across India? 

Mr. Jayarajan: As any internet product, we aim to develop the product to perfection, with minimal operational customer support. However, given ours is a paid product, we have a 24X7 monitored online support for any issues related to payments.