Authored by Mr. Purshottam Purswani, CTO, Atos India

Synopsis of the digitization strategy:

Atos has been a part of an exciting digital transformation journey for a medium size rapidly growing enterprise specializing in Restaurant & Confectionary products business and supporting the company’s Digital initiatives and strategies.

In the last six decades, from a small family run business, the company has come of age with multiple products of daily life in a large part of the Western India. Prospectively, the company started with its ambitious expansion of their Restaurants Division, Ice Cream Business and Fast Food Parlours. To leverage the advantages of the digital wave and be future ready, the company started its modernization & standardization process as a part of their strategic digital transformation journey.

As one of the key areas of digital transformation, the company envisaged to empower its salesforce, enabling it with a solution automating the current manual-based processes. Challenges which were highlighted during the journey of the salesforce solution transforming was of revenue loss due to the manual process, lack of real-time task allocation & reporting, manual processes increasing turnaround time & decreasing efficiency, lack of traceability of reports resulting in reduced productivity and unable to access the business insight/customer insight.

How did Atos leverage disruptive technologies to address the challenges for this small enterprise?

  • Mobility - Field force alignment for leads, service calls and collections
  • Machine Learning - Route planning, flavour of the month, regional brand recommendation
  • Deep Learning - Using image analysis on the coolers for planography analysis

The differential outcome of the digital transformation journey for the Small Enterprises leveraging technology:

  • Reduced Turn Around Time The time to service a lead was drastically reduced for the company. Using machine learning, Real-time task allocation with the real expert in the area.
  • More Sales Revenue Due to the real-time allocation of leads, service requests were now able to service more leads resulting in additional sales. Based on the region-wise analytics, more sales was expected to can be generated.
  • Analytics The company was enabled with significant decisions making process for one of the key business segment of Ice Cream where the flavour distribution that could be undertaken for distribution. Co-relation between Assets & Sales – Best-selling franchise could now be rewarded. Number of deep freezers per dealer – The deep freezer life cycle can be tracked. The production of ice cream flavours can be altered as per results gained from the analytics.
  • Real-Time Reporting SR’s can update task details directly into the backend system, which would help in the real-time reporting without any manual intervention.
  • Decision Making Managers can take now more informed decisions based on the real-time information available with them.
  • Brand Value Leveraging on the brand positioning and product placement with the Branding collaterals & items for the dealers could be delivered immediately.
  • Remote Access Time and location independent as its digital operations clocking 24x7 schedule.