“Cloud Telephony is Growing at a Rapid Pace”

By: DT News Network
October, 27, 2017

Cloud telephony is a technology that is very important in today’s time as it moves phone system of a company to cloud and it improves the efficiency of the business. The cloud-based Call Management system comes bundled with various features which helps business to keep track of everything related to the calls.  This technology gives an edge to startup and business in reaching out to their customers seamless and beyond boundaries. MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides call optimization solutions for businesses. In an exclusive interview with DT, Mr. Ankit Jain, CEO, MyOperator tells the importance of such technology, state of the market and how new startups and SMEs are adopting this technology for the betterment of their business.

DT: How the cloud-based call management system helps businesses in India? What is the significance of this technology today?

Mr. Ankit Jain: Cloud-based call management system is a new age technology solution for businesses. Cloud telephony is a hosted telephony solution. In other words, it replaces traditional way of contacting the business via Private Branch Exchange to the third-party server. Initially, the call management system was restricted to businesses in the developed nation. In an emerging market like India, cloud telephony took pace recently. The combination of efficiency and profitability made business; government and institutional center accept cloud telephony in India

SaaS-based, call management system is the most reliable technology solution for mounting business in India. By switching to cloud telephony the company scaled the number of agents in a service team which helped them in achieving more productive results without incurring any additional cost. The cloud-based Call Management system comes bundled with various features which helps business to keep track of everything related to the calls.  Cloud telephony not only help business gain productivity but also helps to gain trust and loyalty of the customer.

DT: What kind of opportunities has opened for the new startups in this market?

Mr. Ankit Jain: An initiative like “Make in India” has propelled startup industry in India. Consumer adaptability towards technology advancement has played its role very well in Indian economy.  Startup sector is one of the major sectors to take advantage of cloud telephony.  Cloud telephony provides scalability, affordability, and transparency to the startups. This technology gives an edge to startup and business in reaching out to their customers seamless and beyond boundaries.

Initially, call management was restricted to BPO sector only. In today’s business scenario, cloud telephony is a need of an hour for any business. E-Commerce is one industry which has widely accepted cloud telephony. The product with Toll free numbers help businesses to be more accessible to their potential customers. Services like Customer relationships management (CRM) and remarketing help an organization to update their consumers about various offers, schemes, and delivery options.

MyOperator is also empowering the disrupted startup sector in India. It is providing a platform to budding startups with its initiative called, “Startup Program”. Under this program, startups will have access to MyOperator service at zero cost for six months. It aims at helping the startup build stronger relationships with customers through MyOperator products like IVR, Toll free Number, CRM Integration and Call Management Solutions. Its vision is to assist entrepreneurs set up and grow theirs by investing in the right technology for free.

DT: Tell us briefly about the solutions you provide to your customers. Which of your solution has a huge demand among SMEs?

Mr. Ankit Jain: MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides call optimization solutions for businesses. Being a SAAS product, it does not require any hardware or software installation. It provides a complete analytical report of all the calls received by a business, both department, and user wise. This helps analyze the call performance of the business. MyOperator provides the gamut of features to SMEs and SMBs.  India being an emerging economy outnumbers the SMEs in India. SME are adopting new technology to grow their business. It is not one feature which SMB asks for it is the pool of services they demand. The offering which MyOperator provides to SMEs and SMBs are below:

IVR System

It projects your company as big and professional which in turn helps improve your brand value and recognition. It also extends the reach of your business 24*7 and routes calls to the right departments for a faster point resolution.


It doesn’t require any hardware or software installation. This thereby helps save installation and additional infrastructural costs required while scaling up. Also, it allows you to work anywhere and anytime.

Call Tracking

All your phone calls, be it the ones you made, received or missed are tracked. This not only helps you upgrade your customer experience but also ensures that not a single prospect is ever lost.

Call Recording

It helps in training your employees wherein they learn and understand real customer cases. It further helps improve business’ efficiency by giving an overall picture of how the organization is functioning both internally and externally.


It helps in retargeting those customers who showed interest in your website or product previously. Facebook and SMS remarketing are the ways that MyOperator offers to help you reconnect with your callers and serve repeat purchase.

DT: What is the USP of MyOperator? What are the major benefits you provide to your customers?

Mr. Ankit Jain: MyOperator has emerged from being a small service built for few initial customers to a full-fledged product. It provides end to end business communication ecosystem to its customers. MyOperator enhances business productivity by providing seamless call management process.

The fundamentals of MyOperator are based on how a regular employee in a company would handle calls, which is not necessarily same as a call center or support center. MyOperator is about how simply an average small business can setup and manage its phone system. Starting from innovative 30-second setup to packaged design it lets non-tech businesses to adopt and use it on a regular basis. It also offers end-to-end call management with its mobile app. It helps any company analyze the complete call flow in the business. MyOperator also provides separate user-level access to the panel so that employees can view their own call logs and manage the calls of their department at their level.

DT: Please brief us about the Difference between the public & private cloud telephony?

Mr. Ankit Jain: Cloud telephony is growing at a rapid pace. Broadly, cloud telephony is of two types namely, private and public cloud telephony. Public cloud telephony system is a third party service provider or network provider sitting them in their own infrastructure. In public cloud telephony system, a company is renting ports on someone else platform and managed telephone system as a service. On another hand, private cloud telephony is where a company hosts its own server in its own infrastructure. With this type of system, you own your own platform which is private within your own network topology and without a monthly subscription for users payable.

DT: What are the major factors which are fueling the growth of call management system in India market?

Mr. Ankit Jain: With the inception of Digital India and Make in India the face of Indian business has completely evolved. With the help of these initiatives, business in India has got better infrastructure and connectivity to reach the mass audience. The call management system was present in India earlier in the form of BPO. With the advancement of technology, Call management system has been shaped up. It has provided more power to the businesses to manage their calls irrespective of region.  There are numerous factors which have led the growth of call management system in India market:

Multi-language support to the business- India is a diversified economy. Business needs freedom from geographical barriers and language support is one big thing. Cloud telephony helps boost usage irrespective of language and geographical constraint. One can reach out to any of the people in any language.

Usage for Government and Institutional Need

India ruled by its own government. It is imperative for a common man to reach out the government for various issues. It is difficult for a single person to solve different queries over a defined time. This is one sector which is highly unorganized.  Government is one sector which wants to reach out to the mass audience in the streamlines process.

Requirement of conventional business

There is always a scope of growth. This saying goes well for the family and conventional businesses also. Conventional businesses have an expertise of skills and business acumen but lacks technology knowledge.  India is at a nascent stage of being a Smart City. It is a need of an hour for conventional business to move ahead grows their customer base with cloud telephony.

Startups Economy

India has seen startup industry rising over past 5 years. The major attribute in the growth of startup is the availability of better internet infrastructure and technology. This has been possible with the help of cloud telephony. It has helped startups to reach to a wider audience in different languages and breaking the constraint of location

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