Astrum is among few global brands that have been introducing consumers to new technologies. Astrum has put all the efforts to break the trade-off between innovation, quality and cost. Astrum is known to provide robust, reliable – yet affordable high tech devices all around the globe. Astrum in India has seen massive growth with vision and industry experience of Hong Kong based Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari-Chairman& Managing Director of Astrum Holdings Limited.

The Journey

Astrum journey in India specifically has been quite exciting. They have seen tremendous growth and potential in last few months. Commenting on success of Astrum brand in India, Manoj Kumar Pansari, says, “Our global range of products which is quite popular in many countries worldwide has been well accepted and appreciated in India too. This also signifies that Indian consumer is shifting from low price bracket to good quality at reasonable price segment” said Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman, Astrum Holdings Limited.“We at Astrum are committed to bring new innovative technology at reasonable and affordable price to consumers not only in India but globally. As the trend of smart phones and 4G/5G is growing, which is generating demand and interest for smart gadgets in India, we at Astrum are focusing on this growing segment. All our efforts in developing new products and manufacturing going towards futuristic products. India accessories market is growing by 30-35% year over year and this growth rate is expected to be higher in coming years, Astrum surely will be a part of this India growth story and journey. We see a huge potential for Astrum to grow multi fold in Indian market and have its share in and space in India accessories market.”


Astrum as a brand and also its products are highly appreciated in Indian markets at all regions, apart from that the confidence of channel on our brand is extremely high. “We understand this can be termed at big achievement for us and we thank all our channel partners, consumers and team for same. Having said that, the expectations from Astrum is also very high in maintaining that confidence and growth. Our teams from innovations to production, production to quality control, quality control to marketing and marketing to sales are fully aware and share the responsibilities. As much we enjoy our success and achievements, we also enjoy the challenges thrown on us to keep innovate and bring new products.With all the success in our stride we also feel there is still a huge potential for Astrum in India market and many growth opportunities we have. There are segments like Smart Gadgets, Audio & Power categories we are going to launch new and aggressive products in coming months. We already have wide range of products in these categories but our new range will give us the edge over others,” added by Manoj.

Channel Partner’s Support

Astrum’s value-added partners have been the most important and strong pillars for their growth journey in India. Appreciating partner’s effort, Mr. Kumar says, “I am personally very grateful to them for all the support and their confidence on Astrum. They have been part of our success and they will be part of our growth journey too. Our partnership is only going to be stronger and more profitable than before, that’s our commitment to them.

“Our partners suggestions are helping us improve and making our brand even stronger” commented Manoj Kumar Pansari. “Astrum is proud to be present across all states. Many partners have joined this journey in last few months and I welcome them all to Astrum family. Our teams are adding more partners everyday which shows how popular is Astrum now in India. We understand that adding more partners in system is easy but making sure they are aligned all time and growing with profitability is not an easy task. Our handholding and regular interactions with partners keeps us aligned. Our team works very closely with each of our partners to understand the gaps and explore growth opportunities. Whenever in India myself with my team, we try and meet some of our key partners and understand their expectations and suggestions on brand, it is our pleasure to hear them.”

Targets by 2020

They have planned a higher growth in India for FY 19-20 compare to previous year. This growth plan is based on the overall initiatives they are taking in India in terms of global innovation centre and the production unit coming in Tirupati.

“We have already acquired 5 acres land in Tirupati and soon construction will start on same. Meantime our current production facility will start production very soon; this production unit will give us the advantage of not only Make in India products but also reduce the lead time. We will be able offer more innovative products at more affordable prices to Indian consumer. Our innovation centre setup is taking shape in India and within next few weeks it will be ready to start innovating new and smart technology for the world. These new initiatives of its kind will help Astrum develop own technological products than manufacture them too. Having already a strong team of quality control and products will be an added advantage for us,” concluded by Manoj.