Jay Prakash Narayan Airport (Patna International Airport) is located 5 kilometers (2.7 NM) southwest of Patna, the capital of Bihar in India. It is built over 254 acres of land and is the 23rd busiest airport in India.


  • Preventive security to secure critical areas like server room, ATC (Air Traffic Control) building and other remote areas from trespassers and intruders.
  • A single solution to accommodate their existing IP cameras and new Matrix IP cameras.
  • Greater control with centralized monitoring and management of all the cameras.
  • Higher number of storage days for important cameras without increasing the storage cost.
  • Security of stored data along with the flexibility to create multiple users with different roles and rights.
  • Professional installation and service from an experienced partner.


  • IVA’s like Trip Wire and Motion Detection were configured to safeguard their server room, ATC building during night time and instant notifications like Email with snapshot and alarm trigger were configured for real-time security.
  • Matrix installed its video management software ‘SATATYA SAMAS’, which supportstheir existing IP cameras as well as new Matrix IP cameras on a single platform. This also gave them a provision to add new cameras for future expansion.
  • For centralized configuration, monitoring, management and investigation, SATATYA SAMAS Admin Client and Smart Client were installed in their control room server, which gave them access to all the cameras installed in the airport premises.  
  • Moreover, Matrix Access Control System was installed and integrated with Matrix Video Surveillance Solution to provide enhanced security at the airport.
  • Features like Adaptive Recording and Camera-wise Recording Retention were used to optimize the available storage space.


  • With SATATYA SAMAS Admin Client, multiple user logins were created with different roles and rights for employees at various designations.
  • Amtel Communication PVT LTD installed all the Matrix products at Patna International Airport in one go on August 2016. Amtel Communication is one of the oldest channel partners of Matrix, with trained technical staff.


  • Preventive Security with Early Detection and Instant Notification
  • Cost Effective Solution Utilizing Existing Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Security with Centralized Monitoring and Management
  • Reduced Storage Cost
  • Ease of Maintenance


  • Matrix 2MP Bullet Camera (nos-14)-  Crystal Clear Image Quality at Low Light Exposure with Back Illuminated Sensors
  • Matrix 2MP PTZ Camera        (nos-2)- 30x Zoom with 100-150m Coverage
  • Matrix 1.3MP Dome Camera (nos-7)- Superior Image Quality with Low Bandwidth and Storage Consumption


  • SATATYA SAMAS (VMS): GE Platform for 20 Cameras, Scalable up to 100 Cameras
  • SATATYA SAMAS IVA CAM5: IVA’s like Motion Detection, No Motion Detection, Trip Wire, Intrusion Detection, Tailgating and Missing Object, for Five Cameras
  • SATATYA SAMAS FACE DETECTION CAM5: Face Detection License for Five Cameras
  • SATATYA SAMAS Admin Client: Management application to manage and configure all the recording servers, devices, camera streams, IVA’s, reports and user based logins and rights.

SATATYA SAMAS Smart Client: Monitoring Application for Centralized Monitoring, E-map Monitoring, Camera Sequencing and Daily Highlights