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“ESY Has Already Channelled Its Vision to Be The Largest POS Manufacturer in India”

April, 05, 2018

Small and large companies in India faced stiff challenge in post demonetisation era. GST compliance hardware and software also became major concern for all players.  But for ESY India, it was a great opportunity to revolutionise the entire POS retail ecosystem by educating and providing GST ready POS machines to their large customer base. ESY India is currently undisputed leader in offering excellent quality POS machines at very affordable price point. The company also invested in all areas to enhance its reach across country to help large and small retailers by installing perfect POS solutions for them. Within few years of its establishment, the company has gained leadership position in India. Dr. VP Sajeevan, CEO, ESY India has lead from the front to drive this successful journey. In an exclusive conversation with DT, he shared more information on company’s achievement so far and upcoming future plans.

DT:  What have been the crucial milestones of your company during year 2017? 

Dr. Sajeevan: The year 2017 has been phenomenal for us since we could establish ourselves as a full-fledged POS Company in India. Today, we can proudly say that we are one of the few companies in the country to offer a complete POS retail ecosystem to our consumers. The launch of our one of a kind product – ESYPOS ESP 5313, Smart Touch POS Machine has been a game changer in this arena. The Smart touch POS has enabled even a convenience store owner to be connected with the latest technology and superior features along with ease of usage and affordability.

DT:  What were the major challenges for your company? How did you fight those challenges? 

Dr. Sajeevan: Like many other in the industry, we were also one of those to be hit by the impact of demonetisation in the market, our major product line – ESYINK was stagnant and the movement in our secondary market was almost frozen due to this. However, we put our primary focus on the next big trend that was approaching then which was GST. We were prepared with GST ready POS Machines and also put in efforts to educate our primary and secondary customers who in turn educated the end consumer on the necessity of using a GST ready POS machine in their stores so that the transition would affect them more positively. Soon, we launched a range of POS products that could make computing, scanning, printing and cloud storing of GST transactions much more simpler.

DT:  How do you support Government of India's 'Make-in-India' program? Do you have any suggestion for government to make this much more attractive?     

Dr. Sajeevan: The Make in India project for us is as big an ambition as for the Government of India, we truly believe that we are entering into the orbit of being a superpower with this project. ESY has already channelled its vision to be the largest POS manufacturer in the country with our plan of setting up a factory. We are working proactively to achieve this vision by the year 2019.Though there are marginal differences visible in the market with the efforts of our government, still much more is to be done by the bureaucracy. The biggest challenge that we will face as a digital imaging company is the lack of a product component manufacturing structure and the difficulty in sourcing it. An efficient component corridor in the country can strengthen the base of our Make in India project.

DT:  How GST changed your business affair in year 2017? What were your preparations to adopt this biggest tax reform?    

Dr. Sajeevan: ESY started out its journey with products that fall under the consumables and accessory divisions, but GST was one of the biggest catalyst who could establish ESY as a master product company in the POS industry. For many of our end consumers ranging from small time retailers to big chains, we could be a consultant as well as a provider of an ecosystem that could support them in the time of such a monumental tax transition. Since we are an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company, we are highly process oriented and sorted with our day to day transactions. This made the impact of GST in our day to day billing merely a change of procedure in calculating and filing taxes.

DT:  What's your channel strength currently in India? How do you plan to boost channel strength in year 2018? 

Dr. Sajeevan: ESY very early in the stage of being a POS company has understood that POS does not now stand for the clichéd term of Point of Sale instead it is being redefined as Point of Services, an umbrella terminology that covers not only billing but beyond it i.e a receipt of recording , a proof of storing or any device that can process easier outputs. This knowledge has been our biggest strength enabling our channel partners to reach out in a larger way and positioning the application of our product wherever it is required. We have also realised that to understand and reach out to the end consumer, we need to redefine the age old distributor reseller system to the structure of system integrators. They help us in providing a one point of support for hardware, software and service to the consumer. By the end of 2018, we look to retain and develop our existing channel partners to the strength of a system integrator while attracting other existing system integrators of varied sizes to provide wider reach, extended support and healthier profits.

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