Gartner Identifies the Human Touch as the Strongest Element in AI

Nov 13, 2018

CIOs need to prepare workers for a future in which people do more creative and impactful work because they no longer have to perform many routine and repetitive tasks, according to Gartner, Inc. People and machines are entering a new era of learning in which artificial intelligence (AI) augments ordinary intelligence and helps people 

Kaspersky Labs’ ‘Sales Army’ is Back to Add Thrust to Quarter Sales

Nov 21, 2018

Kaspersky Lab has had a dominating run in India ever since it began operations. Owing to its widespread network and strong after sales support, it provides a robust brand experience. Adding further thrust to its bullish run this year, are signature Kaspersky incentive programs and offers – Kaspersky Sales Army for Distbutors& Partners and promo.